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  1.  In the past when you've been stopped out, did the price later go in your favour and you would've been in profit as you predicted it would? Or complete reversal?
  2.  I don't think I have with RSI, I'll give that a go and see how it works out.
  3.  Yep.  I use RSI too to see if there is more room for the price to move in the direction without being over bought/sold. Also I use a specific amount of movement in price depending on timeframe/market to help signify a trend change. As I said earlier there are a few other factors to take into consideration but this is just a basic overview. I did short EUR/USD yesterday and usually expect at least 20 pips profit on Daily chart but just missed that amount and ended up hitting my stop for +1 pips.This week has been a bit rubbish as the markets have just been waiting for FOMC/BOJ announcements so not as much movement as usual.
  4. Not really Mercury. It is the closure of a candle outside the bollinger band that signifies a trend not just the price moving outside the bollinger band. The trend is usually (not always) ended with at least one candle closing outside the bollinger bands too, so when looking at the charts it is good to make sure whether you are seeing the beginning or end of a trend.
  5.  I use a Bollinger Band and RSI system where if a candle closes outside of the bollinger band it indicates that the trend will continue in that direction providing it isn't over bought/sold. After this candle I wait for a specific amount of movement (depending on market/timeframe) before placing my trade. I have simplified my system a bit there are a few other factors to take into consideration but hopefully you get the gist of it.
  6. I can't really comment on your EW analysis as I do not use it but the Daily chart for the EURUSD has indicated it will take a fall, just waiting for the right entry point.This is possibly shorter term than you are looking at though.
  7. Over the past week or so the trend of the pound has been up and the Euro down, if you are looking at a longer term than that, you may be right.
  8. They could short the market? Maybe I am a bit cynical when it comes to the banks. I agree none of it is a good thing and it does feel artificial. China's lessening demand for everything already sent the markets into a tumble not so long ago and I thought that could have triggered 'The fall' but the markets came back up. I think several countries in Europe still have high unemployment too. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of coverage on the real issues with the economy. Maybe we are just waiting for all the signs to hit home at once then maybe there will be a correction?
  9. GBPUSD is currently not following the same trend as EURUSD, Brexit talks probably influencing it so I doubt it would follow suit.
  10. The economy has been doing not so well for many years and even the DOW hit new highs while the economy was in this state! I don't think the banks are struggling to make money, they rake it in no matter what. They have been getting cheap (probably free) money from the central banks through QE, etc. The banks should have been lending this to the average Joe to help build the economy but the banks have just been pumping it into the stock markets. The banks (plus other large financial firms) have the ability to influence the markets in their favour simply from their massive amounts of money to play with, so I don't think they are struggling. You think that bad news being good for the stock market is silly, I remember a few years ago that there was positive news for the US economy and that sent the markets down as it meant the fed were more likely to stop QE!
  11. That drop in the Euro was a tad quick, is it news related? I couldn't find anything.
  12. On the 4 hour chart, I can see the price going up if it hits 1.3270 based on current values, looking for at least 15-20 pips profit.
  13. Probably , I filled the car up today too. I should have done it tomorrow!
  14. I stay away from the GBPJPY but depending on where the monthly chart for the USDJPY ends we could see a further drop. The monthly EURJPY hit the sell price and as I have never traded on monthly charts before, I decided to test it out on my demo account...........its currently sat at 260 pips profit :smileyindifferent:
  15. I am somewhat of a trend trader (I think that is the best way to describe my style) and the DAX has hit a sell signal (the DOW too) on the 1h chart, based on current price movements the entry point would be 10020 and exit for around 10-20 points maybe more. If the price moves up then the entry point would need adjusting