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  1. The IG forum is a little more user friendly than the eye eye one I suppose! They've really eft it up there and I probably won't go back - anyway I'm around.. This week is action packed with North Korea/Trump and the Fed rate call which will make the markets either rocket or dump...stay on the sidelines or be brave!
  2. Well if you ask me the new ESMA proposals suck, only a few rich old timers probably favour it but for the majority of punters it's ridiculous. The only thing which ESMA should have imposed is the negative balance protection as standard, this would have been more than enough to protect the retail traders but instead they're pushing the average Joe out of the game.
  3. Well there's not many outside the EU that provide CFD and spreadbetting I'm afraid, it's banned in the USA (not sure about Canada) and you'll have a pretty hard time finding a replacement company (I looked before) @ChrisMahoola With a grand, yes it'll be pretty much useless, I mean personally I wouldn't go through all the stress and time of trading, scouring through charts and economic data/news for the sake of 50p a point....so the ESMA move will no doubt get rid of the "newbie novices" who are just about making ends meet with a normal day job.. All in all - it's not good for the average poorer punter (who probably does £5pp on a small pot), IMO they've just turned it into a rich mans club
  4. The hike from 0.5% to 5% meaning 10 times the amount of deposit factor on the indices (i.e for £10 a point on the DOW - you'll need a deposit of £12000) - currently you'll only need £1200... I suppose it isn't too bad, I was concerned the hike would be 20 or 30% and if that was the case - I would have probably closed my IG account and packed in trading. The negative protection balance is also good news - I think this should have been the standard with all the providers regardless of the new changes. Oh well, I guess I better grind on and try to make £500,000 so I can get to be a "professional IG" client Happy easter & all the best!
  5. Thanks for the replies.... Could someone from IG confirm if spread bets (on indices, forex) are also applicable or just CFD's and binaries?
  6. Sorry to bump this old thread, but does anyone have any idea when these regulations could be implemented? For example the margin factor for DOW is 0.5% - will this increase be between 3.33 to 20% (and applicable on spread bets too?) Surely this is a silly move from the FCA, as most punters will simply go to overseas providers with the low margin factors - hence IG will lose half their clients? Personally although having over 10 years of trading experience and trade regularly with large £pp, I wouldn't qualify as a 'professional' (IT background) and certainly do not have £500,000 of cash in my pot to play with...