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  1. Doesn't matter, Just make sure you use HMA it's less of a lagging indicator. I use something similar not exact on UK Shares.
  2. Yes, Best thing I have found in terms of data source. The Stockrank is well... Top Rank. It's easy for newbies they do all the hard work.
  3. The app was on it's **** for most part, Login problems. So yeah I did some trades but through the API. Website and App was broke intermittently
  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/most-major-retail-brokerages-are-suiffering-outages To be fair IG Didn't do any better, I hope they learned a lesson.
  5. I didn't know you could do that. True, That's true. However I have setup the PDF to be updated directly by API calls so you would see it wort's and all.
  6. Hi, I have posted some ideas of a trading strategy earlier on. Here is a months worth of data with live trades, I hope to update it going forward. https://github.com/spreadbet-trader/trading-files Any questions let me know.
  7. That link is spam. The ESMA has said 50% leverage min.
  8. I have a mix of both, So I have my algo putting trades on completely autonomously through the IG Index API on my server that is completely unmonitored other than network connectivity etc...then I monitor it most of the day through the IG App. That way it takes out the emotions of the trade, I monitor the overall health of the market and then I can close positions early if I feel they are running the wrong way or if they are in profit and won't go higher.
  9. Yeah in answer to your original question. Yes. that’s the entire aim of my trading algos. That way they trade on a perceived pattern. Rightly or wrongly. It’s then my job to optimise the pattern through testing etc.
  10. lol, What's going on here? What's with all the negativity dudes and dudettes?
  11. You could easily "roll your own" VPN that probably wouldn't get blocked. Rent a VPS from somewhere like Linode then use these scripts to set it up. Or actually just run your code on the VPS itself and just use RDP (Windows machine) or SSH for a Linux machine for headless setup. https://github.com/angristan/openvpn-install https://github.com/Nyr/openvpn-install
  12. That's probably correct. Blame the EU. https://www.replytoesma.trading/
  13. Yet everyone want's to be rich in Pounds/Dollars. People only care about the price of Bitcoin in $. Everyone want's to get rich, People thought they could be with Bitcoin. Sadly that's not the case. It's a scam pure and simple, Anyway the FCA agree.
  14. https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/britains-financial-conduct-authority-bans-products-track-cryptocurrency-prices
  15. 100% this is the correct thing to do, I applaud the FCA's decision on this one. It's worse than gambling. Stories all over the internet where people are ruined because of it. Digital Currency is not the same as Bitcoin, there is a heck of a lot of work to be done and don't expect it to be the "norm" for 20 - 30 years yet. Also, that is backed by a country the same way we have legit currencies, infact little would really change it's just the method of transfer between banks and countries. It makes sense. The old methods like BACS, SWIFT etc are showing their age now. It makes sense they n
  16. I am using the API, And I want to know can I open two opposing positions (BUY and SELL) and the same time with both a Limit and a Stop Loss set? I've never been able to do this in the past but has this changed. Say for example my Algorithm one day picks up a buy then the next day the trend might have changed and It wants to open up another position, Is this possible?
  17. That would indicate that 24% do 🙂 Admittedly the odds are stacked against us.
  18. Thanks for your detailed reply. Yeah so I have updated it a bit this is the table of how I see the trades working. I am applying this to stocks.
  19. I have been working on a new algorithm for the better sense of the word, I have been playing with some ideas and here is what I have come up with. It's come up with some profitable results so far so I wanted to get your thoughts. Take the price for the last 10 days and calculate the Hull Moving Average. The benefit of the Hull moving average is that it cuts out a lot of noise. https://alanhull.com/hull-moving-average Take the last 3 days close price and check that if it has been all up or all down. If the the current price is above the HMA then buy and if it's
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