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  1. I finally got round to updating FAIG. I also pushed some formatting fixes to pyti (This library contains various financial technical indicators that can be used to analyze data.) https://github.com/tg12/pyti https://github.com/tg12/FAIG Enjoy, Let me know if you have any questions, comments, feel free to do a PR and improve it.
  2. Yep this happens sometimes, Sometimes there is missing data for various reasons. You have to build error checking into your code.
  3. What formula or method do you use to plan your Take Profit/Limit in number of pips? Curious to hear everyone's methods.
  4. Technical Analysis features in the API. I'd like to be able to query Support and Resistance Levels
  5. That would make sense as March was a HUGE deleveraging event. So alot of positions would have been liquidated.
  6. Anymore details, It might help us help you.
  7. My program dumps trades here for those who are interested. https://github.com/tg12/trading_algo_logs_info
  8. haha good point! It's been a long road but to be fair this was never where the bulk of my investments were, This was more of a hobby and beer money thing for me and a good way to learn thing and showcase my portfolio and talk about it to others. Anyway if you wanted to take a look this is where my algo dumps logs for trades. https://github.com/tg12/trading_algo_logs_info - This is a simple algo that looks at 3 day downtrends and SMA and puts trends on accordingly. https://github.com/tg12/most_shorted_stocks That is where the FCA by law has to publish a list of institutional i
  9. Yeah pretty much me exclusively. Check my post there’s some links on there. Can’t post much on here because on mobile. **** community page won’t work on Chrome on the desktop anymore.
  10. True, that’s why I wrote my own 😎😂 it’s taken me 4 years to fine tune mine and I have no intention of selling any of them.
  11. woah! Easy chaps (I presume) ... I just talked about my algo idea. Each to their own. I agree I have faced issues with a lot of things in Python. Some resolved by the IG Helpdesk but it works for me. Anywho. I will prepare a github repo with my code if anyone Interested. Perhaps people can contribute to the idea. I just wanted to see if anyone though it was a feasible idea
  12. Hi, I have been experimenting alot with the IG Index API. I find it easy to use. I have recently been toying with ideas for different algo's. I find the idea fascinating. Anyone got any thoughts on this from a mathematical point of view? Or anyone else interested in this stuff? Three consecutive down days 3 day SMA If the current price is below that 3 Day SMA then sell (There is a reason for the fundamental drop) if the current price is above the 3 Day SMA then Buy (It's held steady, There is support for it) I've coded this and testing it as we speak. If anyone
  13. Why? You got hacked? They probably wont be able to recover anything.
  14. Hey Nick. I’ve just seen your other post. Yeah I see this quite a bit. Especially on U.K. stocks for some reason.
  15. Yeah I use the API a lot and I have issues with missing data all the time. I’ve just come to accept it. It varies though. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it can be spotty at best. I just tend to do a check if the returned data is not NaN or None in Python
  16. You need access to the order book depth. Most likely you’d have to pay for Level 2 access
  17. It’s ESMA regulations. Anywhere that doesn’t do it is more likely based outside the EU. How else would they stop you losing money so fast?
  18. Thank f for that! I thought they were threatening me too!! It's like the TV Licencing letters. Thought I was going to prison there for a moment. I wonder if it's people who have held positions in Sirius Minerals in the last few months on the mailing list a few people who I know have IG Index accounts did not get it. Anyone from IG Index clarify?
  19. Who else got the "Make sure you're aware of abusive practices" email? My question is, Why? Is this because of the CEO of Sirius Minerals waging war on Retail traders?? https://www.valuethemarkets.com/2019/10/08/the-shifting-shares-view-sirius-minerals-ceos-bizarre-attack-on-bulletin-board-gamblers-sxx/ Bit confused now, Would like some clarification from IG perhaps please?
  20. Another quote I find incredulous is that Chris believes that when the company’s stock fell 10% the day before the $500 million bond offering failed, “that this might have been triggered by a post on an online forum that falsely claimed it was about to announce an equity-raising”.
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