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  1. 4H over 15M ... It's trading very tightly, Albeit it downward trend.
  2. Having run the numbers with my trading algorithm I have developed with the IG Index API, I thought that I might offer some insight. As always this is my own thoughts, ideas and opinions. It might help some of the newer investors. Let me explain this graph. Whilst I believe I hold some authority around various parts of the internet with regards to this as I have invested alot of time and effort into this system most of the code is released for free, let me attempt to explain. This graph is produced from my own code/trading algo which I am happy to discuss if you so wish. I can do analysis
  3. Same thing happened with another stock I am holding, Reach PLC. The price returned to normal the next day after the market opened. I cant imagine their stock will be that high for a while yet ;-). The best source of news for that stock is the Evening Gazette website.
  4. No problem, I have lots of code that I have played around with on Github. Some cool stuff. Prices are free, Data is free. There are just limits to the API. I presume it's more to stop the load on IG systems or people ripping off the data but you can download it quite easily.
  5. Hi Guys, I am about to release my "Anniversary Edition" of this. Please see here for more details. https://github.com/tg12/Anniversary_Release_IG_Bot
  6. Create a PivotTable, Sort it by size and create a template graph from that.
  7. This question makes absolutely no sense, Please view this... https://www.ig.com/uk/glossary-trading-terms
  8. The spread is whatever IG Index decide. It's not wrong. Are you sure you mean the spread?
  9. I will try post a monthly update. Since I started this on the 18th it will be then or around then. Thing's to note on this one. I doubled the size of my investment hence the straight up line, don't get too excited. The rest is the same.
  10. I agree, If it would breathe more life into the API I'm all for it!
  11. You know my thoughts on this. Even from a practical point of view within IG it would make sense. Everything under one roof. No separate infrastructure etc. However that said. It is every niche and it’s hardly ever visited. Even on the wider internet the API is not used much but I think I’ve got quite a few people to use it singlehandedly. If I remember correctly the last post office on there was months ago. Shame. I was hoping more people would use it.
  12. Thank you, There's lots of documentation around. People have wrote stuff on the Discord chat. I pretty much just provide the code. I might answer some very specific questions but not much now as I don't have much time. My code is very niche, So yes anyone who is a professional trader should use MQL/EA's.
  13. Hello, Thank you for your reply. The top of that is the imports I use certain library's for and then there is also a giant list of stocks to loop through and check. Perhaps these could have been split out into another file but ... it works. The results I posted are on my live account, I have found my live and demo to perform pretty much identically. There is more money in my Demo so more trades but in terms of trading functionality and algorithm design they work the same. The IG Index API forums are not used by many people also I have been waiting for them to approve my acco
  14. Thanks for your comments, I wish! I'd love to work in this world but I am currently employed. I did talk about this in my interview.
  15. First let me tell you a bit of a story, Found myself out of work and too much time on my hands, well deserved break so to speak. I decided to learn Python, I thought what better ways to do that than program a real world application that would make me some money and automate my trading... hopefully, So here I am, today I get an email to check out the new and improved IG community. It's been a long road but I am here to share it with the community and the wider world. At first I started by trying different trading strategy's, Some with more success than others. I finally got a working s
  16. We need to do EVERYTHING we can to stop this! I am going to send a strongly worded letter to the people in charge. I would urge people to do the same!! These are the emails if anyone is interested. Verena.Ross@esma.europa.eu Steven.Maijoor@esma.europa.eu This totally, This. From what I understand then the MINIMUM requirements per trade are going to be as follows. (see spoiler) AUD/USD £255 EUR/CHF £391 EUR/GBP £292 EUR/JPY £435 EUR/USD £410 GBP/EUR £378 GBP/USD £466 USD/CAD £429 USD/CHF
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