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  1. You made a mistake 4 Forex factory are vetting posts before admin allow me there as loozer
  2. Every scam on private trading forums is controlled by the admin, every post is vetted by forum owners , every solicitation for funds is permitted only by admin on forums. Every private trading forum I know of has had some skullduggery going on. The people who make money on private trading forums are the admin.They are not setting up these sites for giving members a free lunch.
  3. Trading skills is like having the skills of a heart surgeon , trading skills required are very difficult.Not every doctor can do heart surgery with skill, in the old days anybody used to try to do heart surgery with knives , there was a special name for these doctors who did not have the skills.
  4. Secret is how and when to apply it correctly Systems work , if they are good Indicators work , if used correctly, EAS robots work , if they decent Signals work if they are based with fundamentals . A hammer can't do the job of a screw driver, but it takes years knowing when to apply what tools in trading, since all(99.99 %) trading books are beautifully written to sell the road map to the trading gold , but written by people who failed to make an income from it. You need to be a skilled user of tools.
  5. a picture says a thousand words, when a trader is looking at a chart , he can see the 50 possible set ups for the one trend. This is also a hindrance because we tend to end up overtrading and emotional trading, we are humans. When it comes to bots , one robot can not do the same job, one robot can be programmed only to trade a few set ups.You should take a look at robots in BMW or Mercedes factory, you will see thousands of them, not one robot. 200 pips profit from a professional system that trades several times a year, not everyday.The sun does not make hay everyday.
  6. + 150 PIPS profiton both eur usd and gbp usd.So far , so pipmaster must make money. It also works as trending indicaqtor on dow and dax
  7. Pipmaster sells after a rejection on the hourly /4 hourly charts , in the direction of the major trend. It has made a 100 pips so far, pipmaster makes pips , sl moved
  8. If you go to the newdigital world forum, they will provide you with almost 50 beautiful and fancy indicators, made from the same idea i.e a moving average. They all do the same thing, Still waiting for some value added technical input, like you are more likely to be chopped out on a single moving average, counter weekly trend line. Now let us talk trading Pip master works , like I said shorts only.If i had traded long I would get chopped out.
  9. It was not case of deliberately misleading anyone. I never saw that moderation, it may just have been grammar , punctuation etc The majority of the post is still there. From a topic of a trend trading indicator, as usual forum discussions go, this indicator discussions required some egos . Could we get back to the technical discussions on the moving average indicators, because this bickering is wasting every reader's time.If you are not a trader, but a forum administrator , you have different interests. I am a trader, I am looking at using this indicator, I am spending my quality time , putting the indicator and other indicators on several different charts of various different instruments.
  10. Please get your facts correct before posting false statements om I G forum.The moderator on earnforex never edited the post, so please check your facts.The full unedited 2 post are sill there on earn forex, you can compare it with the edited post at I G. As regards the mql5 forum posts , I was merely helping a new trader , who was getting a lot of trend chop outs and false signals, after that mql5 postings I decided to make this pipmaster indicator, with 5 moving averages. Here is the false and fake signals dilemma , that most intraday forex price action traders face.The trend corrections on the higher time frames are seen as trends on on the lower time frames , thereby giving many false signals.So I just posted one decent indicator to reduce fake signals. To suggest this is not a trend strategy/indicator , that should not be discussed on I G , is an insult.
  11. There is something very good about this indicator, that people don't realize. Unlike a normal moving average indicator, this one incorporates a volatility increase input , into the reading of the indicator.It is easier to filter out trends from fakes moves , by adding volatility increase over the period of the indicator readings. In trend prices tend to be more volatile, if it was not more volatile , there is no serious trend. So the stepma metatrader indicator is a quite good because of the following code. StepSize (in points) is average noise or average volatility for the certain quantity of bars ( BarsNumber=0 for full history ).
  12. What is the difference between pipmaster, it is only 5 moving averages trend following system available on pro- real time or on IG's metatrader templates.How different is it from different types of trend following. Every trend trader is probably using it anyway, in a different form, it can be applied on any instrument. We can also discuss great trend traders like famous turtle trader , who eventually lost millions from trend trading and was eventually sued.The marketers hype up trend trading , but they never talk the truth and reality of trend trading failures , people like covel who don't trade for a living , but write books and sell seminars i.e their only source of income.They learn trend trading from books.We can talk about trend trading failures go who into hiding , after losing on trend trades . We can also talk about the patterns of trend traders, who stop singing about trend trading , in ranging choppy markets, when their trends are failing into ranges. 80 % fail at trend trading the forex , forex is least suitable for trend trading, yet new traders fall into illusions of trend trading, with the hype of trend trading.We can discuss this , why they are influenced into forex trend trading , when it rarely trends. This is also about trend trading strategies of forex traders, commodity traders, crypto currency trend traders who are just merely singing about trend trading yet their methods are unknown. I was only showing a trend following method for forex, called it pipmaster, trying to get a discussion.We can also discuss Covel's illusionary methods, he can't make a living from it , so he sells books and seminars.
  13. Arrows mean at those levels a)look for rejections of price from the highs , to go short, so price must have fallen to show a rejection. b)Price makes no attempt to reverse, read price behaviour c)Price makes lower lows. The success rate of each short depends on the behaviour of short term price, the easiest stress free method is to sell put spreads on options.If trading fundamentals I place the shorts with wide stops and walk away for a week and do nothing.Stop loss level is above ma on daily charts above mas.
  14. Hi Casey I have seen your chart. Apply trades as per first post, in line with interest rates expectations, I see a totally different picture, because interest rates expectations started last november or earlier.I would not have applied long positions. You have mixed the two sets of indicators, from two different threads, to confuse yourself.The stepma has yet to be fully tested on forward testing for repainting, over the next month.The back tests are promising. I have been trading in the direction of the fed expected interest rates expectations.I really see it differently. I have seen earlier versions of the stepma and pipmaster, for many years , I use to to 40 different combinations of set ups and indicators. The stepma thread also says , there is option of no need to trade , when there is flat horizontal lines.I don't see what you see because my trading is selective and only shorts on the far right of the chart.Even in a chop it is breaking even or better. The uptrend chop is for random traders.The pipmaster does not repaint.
  15. If people don't like this indicator , they don't have to take it .The moderators can remove them and define clear rules for not posting them .They should disable the ability to upload mql files in the future. Anyway this indicator is better than a lot indicators, it kept giving me better results, compared to simple moving averages, on back tests on eur/usd,gbp/usd. dow and dax.Maybe it repaints. The indicator is available on google search for StepMA_v9.mq4 .Just play around with the settings , you will find the same results as pipfinite , with a few long term weekly trendlines.
  16. I can not read the past , I am not psychic.I can not tell what intraday price action is going to do next , but I got a new life of approved membership on forex factory.
  17. I posted it specially for you mr trend follower. If you go to weekly and monthly trades, you have a free system that can help with the above. I am going to sell Warren Buffet "a intraday price action course ", so we get him to lose his money to us
  18. I showed you how to do "what the banks do" with this free indicator. The indicator does what the banks do , until interest rates expectations change.The indicator is the map. It is free because I am sick and tired of charlatans on every forum and most new traders being mislead, so I gave away this professional system. It is trading the same currency methods of real currency traders , not the retail traders most of whom lose. Most currency trends are on weekly and monthly charts.These trends only happen with expected changes in interest rates expectations.The professionals work on interest rates expectations, this can be best seen on weekly charts.Economic changes only happen over months to justify changes in interest rates expectations.
  19. I use the free version from the mql5site , the pipfinite may very well be the same indicator. I am just showing you it is the same thing if you change the settings on it, it is available freely on the mql5 site , see link I posted, it is in that thread.I have also downloaded it on this site I have made many profitable EAS using this free indicator called stepma, but pipfinite is a commercial product without trademarks. It does the same job as pipfinite.Go enjoy their marketing on youtube and laugh at the fake claims. Posting similar indicators like pipfinite, is most likely to discourage people to buy the commercial products , because they are only freely available indicators. At the end of the day, it is only a simple moving average indicator, one of the thousands of renamed and rehashed simple moving average indicators.
  20. Buy in the direction of the weekly and monthly trendlines , this will reduce choppy false breakouts.Sell in the direction of the weekly and monthly trendlines , this will reduce choppy false breakouts.This one uses daily charts for tradingStop loss :blue line on stepma_v9_pipfinite_prow + 30 pipsShort entry :below stepma_v9_d orange // after price falls from above in last 4 hoursLong entry :above stepma_v9_d orange //after price rises from below in last 4 hoursProfit target :300 pipsClose when trend line breaks on weekly charts, until then run your profits.If blue line is flat do not trade reversals on daily /weekly trend // this is a optionIndicators are attached.Same indicator for different time frames , moving average indicator called step ma = step moving average More information about the indicators copyright and information stepma_v9_d.mq4 stepma_v9_nmc.mq4 stepma_v9_PIPFINITE_PRO.mq4 stepma_v9_PIPFINITE_PROw.mq4
  21. Ged it .I don't want to post other people's copyright stuff here.ADX Expert - expert for MetaTrader 4 I just changed settings as follows:input double SL = 1000.0; // Stop Loss Pointsinput double TP = 4000.0; // Take Profit PointsI did not tell you what instrument the back test is on, but it is profitable with the right settings.The robot is only for knowledge
  22. Long trades filter :Low of ma5 on daily time frames will be above ma5 for longs and high of candle will be is below ma5 for shorts. MA 10 can also be used.hourly charts1 hr time frame :move to higher time frame daily or weekly1 Trades or 2 good trades a week is enoughcheck dollar index before placing trades.Look for rejections from higher before selling.Trade in direction of weekly , daily and monthly charts/trend lines .It will give you less false signals, so all trades on euro would be short.stop loss 100 pips , take profit 300 pipsI give you this pipmaster indicator , use it on hourly charts, if price below all mas only trade shorts.if price above all mas trade longsinput int LWMA1=20;input int LWMA2=30;input int LWMA3=100;input int LWMA4=200;input int LWMA5=1000;Search on google for "trend retracement strategy" , use trend retracement on daily weekly and monthly charts.Get an EA done.Trade with interest rates expectationsOnly pairs suitable for making money are gbp/usd and eur/usd , usd jpy is very choppy.DON'T TRADE NEWS, DON'T GAMBLE, TRADE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL CURRENCY TRADER. Also put the pipmaster indicator on daily charts , this will give main trend , only trade in the direction of the main trend on daily /weekly charts.You can see pips made on the chart , if you follow weekly /daily charts, this is how pipmaster professionals trade.There are 10,000 systems on forums designed by amateurs and learners, 95 to 98 % of them fail by using amateur systems , this is designed for professional trading.All these charlatans are creating 3,000 indicators from one simple moving average on mql5 site , these people are coders /not traders .You only need to use the pip master correctly, you only need one indicator.The following information was available on november 20, 2017Professionals trade forex when there are expected rises or falls in interest rates, as a result of expected rises in interest rates, Eur/usd and gbp/usd have fallen in 2018.They set a target of 1.10 for eur usd, I don't know if this will make the target.Goldman Sachs Predicts That the Fed Will Hike Interest Rates Four Times in 2018Goldman Sachs said it expects a tight U.S. labor market and more normal inflation picture will lead the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates four times next year.If you had listened to the big boys like Goldman Sachs and interest rates expectations, search for it google, for U S is expected to raise interest rates 4 times this year, and gone short on the weekly time frames on Eurusd and GBP/USD , you would have made over 2,000 pips on both of them. This expected raise in interest rates caused the dollar to get stronger, "interest rates expectations and how they drive dollar on weekly and monthly basis".This is not something new to fx trading, it has been going on since the 1970s, as far as I know. Interest rates expectations and economies change over months and years.This is how big currency traders trade.It worked 50 years ago and it worked in 2018.This is why dollar got stronger.The market does the same thing , over and over again.
  23. This guy has left a free professional standard Expert advisor on mql5 site .Ged it before they delete it.It is profitable , if you know how to play with settings.See image Link to download https://www.mql5.com/en/code/20113
  24. There are many reasons not to buy ready made expert advisors.In the above example , the seller is showing 6000 % profit, but is not acknowledging blown accounts.The buyer does not know the code, it may have trojans and viruses, using dll.Personal information can be stolen via dlls, passwords on your computer can be changed. The buyer can not go these sites and post anything in public, his threads will be deleted and buyer will be banned eventually. It is much safer and better to make your own expert advisors.Please do your own diligence,
  25. There was a third stage in 2007 to 2010, all back tested forex eas stopped working in 2010 to 1012.
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