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  1. Yep, same problem, can't download..... we have reported it to IG and they are getting the technical team to look at the issue.
  2. Hi Nichalex, I'm struggling to locate an excel spreadsheet for CGT for my yearly trading of shares. Are you happy to provide me a copy of your excel spreadsheet to input my own share dealings please? This is driving me mad, as the rules are so confusing and all HMRC do is provide you with loads and loads of documents (which make no sense to me ). Thanks
  3. Hi Nadelina, Thank you for your input, it is much appreciated. I did ask IG, via email, if they had a spreadsheet that calculated Capital Gains Tax (CGT)for my share dealing throughout the year. They informed me that they do not. Fingers crossed that this response was incorrect. With regards to the excel spreadsheet that you can provide, do you mean the Sum figure is actually the chargeable gain for CGT? The problems I am encountering are the HMRC rules themselves e.g Bed and Breakfast rules - it's a total nightmare and actually puts me and my husband off trading.
  4. I'll tell you what - if someone can work out the formula and can sell an app, they'd make a fortune lol! (with HMRC approval). Wished I was brainy enough I'm going to be a pain (I'm good at that!) and will keep on facebooking HMRC until they give up with me . Mind you - Hint, Hint to IG , they could provide a software package to IG members and then would get more clients (shame they don't provide this calculator, as I'd be so happy simply).
  5. Thank you - I'll have a look. I've just facebooked the HRMC - and they can't help at the moment!. Will keep on pestering them until they provide clear guidelines or, even better, an excel spreadsheet I can utilise. How on earth the tax people expect me to work out the Capital Gains if their own website is not clear. Thank you again though.
  6. Hi Caseynotes, Thanks for your link, but it does not appear to take in account day trading The problem I have is that I've been buying and selling shares and, I'm trying to understand the bed and breakfast rule. What I'm after is a calculator where you can either download or type in all your transactions and it 'churns away' and provides the answers (within the HMRC guidelines). I've had a go at googling but have had no joy Thank you again though, I really appreciate your response.
  7. Ok, I'm not swearing by saying Capital Gains Tax! Help!!!!! Does anyone know of any software I can use to calculate Capital Gains Tax? I've looked on the Government Website and it looks really confusing and I'm dreading it. This is just for share trading. Many thanks.
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