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  1. Hi there, Is anybody else having issues with the indicator alerts? Mine stopped about a week ago. I have been into the platform and reset them all but still nothing is working. Be good to get some feedback from IG staff please. Thanks
  2. Hi I've just been keeping an eye on the alert delays over the last few days and have found that the delay period appears to be longer during the US market opening hours than the European. Last night (my time) the delay was 5-6 mins and right now is pretty much instant. Just thought you might like to know
  3. Hi there manwithbitcoin, After many years of trading, all I can tell you is this. Although it seems as though the market is taking out your stops on purpose, it is all just basic movements which on many occasions seem to be basically just focussed on you. I can guarantee that they are not. The number of times I have had stops set which have been touched, just for the price to move in exactly the opposite way, are impossible to count. I am absolutely certain many others in the community have had periods of time where they felt exactly the same way. The truth is that it is actual
  4. Oh yeah, just had another thought. My alerts are delayed across all of my devices which includes my PC, mobile and tablet. The alert is, as always, synchronised across al of them, just now they are very late. Comments please.
  5. Hi there all, I may be new to the community though I have been trading with IG for a number of years now. I have recently come across a new problem... I have a couple of indicator alerts set on 1 minute charts which have worked fine for me for a long while now. I used to get my alerts practically straight away (within 20 secs) though I am finding that recently they are coming 6 minutes after the indicator occurs. Obviously this now means that I miss a number of opportunities which is completely unacceptable. I have just moved to the new platform 2 days ago and was wondering if anyo
  6. Thanks Will. Having another window open when trading isn't going to work for me. I'm pretty good with the 2 hour difference now (though it was 3 hours a couple of weeks ago) so I guess we'll just have to get over it. Unless you guys can sort your platform to realise that everyone all over the world in different places uses it and deserves the same treatment. Your call I guess. Cheers, Dan
  7. Hi There, Yep, I'm in Perth and am also set to Sydney time. I wouldn't think that the whole of the US has their charts set to NY time but I guess they figure we are all on the same timezone over here. I have also checked everywhere I can think of on the new platform but can't find any way to change it either. Hoping someone from IG actually reads these things and does something about it
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