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  1. There are a number of equities listed on the Toronto TSX TSXV Exchanges. IG doesn't appear to list them. Any ideas welcomed on Brokers that give exposure to these Exchanges
  2. I agree Trading without placing Limit Stops is ridiculous AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS IG PLEASE TAKE NOTE This is discouraged or prevented in Spread Betting shares. The only reason I can see is IG are protecting there own interest ahead of the Client, they could be left holding your unwanted shares !!
  3. I,d say it's because the Demo account has to mimic the conditions of a live account.
  4. I believe that this is due to the recent regulatory requirements. Spread Betting is not possible without a big account. See here https://www.ft.com/content/f20d8476-e7a8-11e6-893c-082c54a7f539
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