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  1. I am just wondering what the music played as a countdown intro to the live broadcasts is and if it is possible to obtain a copy?
  2. I notice that we're still waiting for more than the "Fit in with what we want" non answer they put on twitt-er. It seems they learned nothing from the mass exodus when ii(.co.uk) changed its format...
  3. Hahaha.... 😂 So it's a case of BDM..... Bad Design Matters, then. eh?? (or alternative "B" word)
  4. Strangely, I tried that. With the net result of.......... ZERO EFFECT!! This is either the work of an idiot or IG's attempt to make it even harder for people to trade profitably. It is Rubbish!!
  5. Has something happened to the theme? It's either too dark or too light - So light that I need sunglasses and it makes me want to throw up. 🤢 If it's "your" doing then either put the light back as it was or give us a switch option to do it ourselves.
  6. Although I can watch the live broadcasts I am having a few problems with the replays. What video formats are you using?
  7. Is it still worth waiting for? It seems to me that it's been changed to a news broadcasting programme on the assumption that no one really needs professional analysis.
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