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  1. or to be precise the exact series that the plat showed around that time period
  2. so can you show me a graph around the april time frame showing price data? this should prove me wrong :-(
  3. yes value is in april because i wanted to sell @ 20 but the bit was stilll loooking too low at 13 i might be missing something simple here so please bear with me and thanks for your help so far
  4. can you please send me your equivalent price series for close contracts like spot and jun/jul, thanks
  5. ok still something not quite right, this is what i see VIX trading > 20 around this time period, pleasse see graph
  6. could someone come back please, i believe the jun contract hhit around 20 a short time ago: https://uk.investing.com/indices/us-spx-vix-futures-contracts?page=chart&symbol=VIM18
  7. jun contract is about as close to s[pt as you can get given its may so smoothing effect should be minimal. From the BB screenshot what is the exact contract wekk, 1 2, etc? Can you sent be full price series from bloomberg and IG of THAT specific contract vs spot price series for those days where it spiked. many thanks
  8. sorry still confused...... vix term struct is in backwardation so settlement price on jun contract should be higher than the the theoretical spot price no? is there any way you could show me a graph of the first say 4 months as they move throuh this volatile time frame? sorry to be a pain but it would really jelp hey my head straight?
  9. vix is at 17.73 in real life why not on the platform?
  10. and also do you know when we can trade the new 1yr contract that cboe is launching?
  11. thanks James, is there a place that i can see the close price for the april contract thats just expired?
  12. Hi all, I tend to short a few things (stocks, us and uk) in my portfolio and am looking to add a few more. How can we get visibility on the funding rates for the Repo leg of the trade for each stock? i'm just worried that ill short something then hit with a huge financing overnight bill if the stock is "repo special" etc?
  13. Hi all, Can someone please let me know the process around cash settlement on the "volatility index' which i presume is a proxy for the short months on VIX futures? (and do they expire and roll like other options/futures? i guess this is explained somewhere but i could not find it and if someone could point me in the right directtion i would appreciate it?
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