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  1. Currently there is an option to auto-roll futures positions, usually 1 day prior to expiry. I would find it very useful to have the option to execute a roll myself on the platform without having the risk of being "legged up" (executing one side of the roll and the other side moving away before you can execute that side). I guess it could take the form of a "roll now" button that is greyed out until IG lists the far month. When the button is clicked, it will buy near and sell far (or vice versa) simultaneously, thus rolling your position with no legging risk.
  2. Thanks @TrendFollower All seems to be sorted now. Must have been a small technical issue. The markets included in my portfolio have been locked down since designing the strategy a few years ago so to swap out NY Sugar for London, the reasoning would need to be super compelling.
  3. This market opens at 8:30 London time and yet it's marked as "Market is not currently open to trade" on your platform at 8:51
  4. Dow futures would normally reopen 11pm GMT Sunday but US clocks go forward 1hr this weekend so it will be 10pm.
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