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  1. It is a big game IG is playng with all this mandatory big GS's increments.
  2. Does any body knows if this is temporary or is going to be permanent? Looks like almost all IG CFD guaranteed minimum stop pts away are increase by multiple of 100, and 1000 for the Oil indices.
  3. I do not know. Something is not right there. Now they increase the compulsory stop levels to very hight levels not only for Oil indices but and for all induces to thousand of points. For example Australia 200 is now about 800 pt from 30 before.
  4. Dear investors, I would like to inform you to monitor very carefully your stop positions specially on the Oil Crude and Oil Brent (A$1) Markets positions. I have big problem to adjust my stop positions in the last 72 hour and 4 phone calls to IG administrations for request the adjustments in real time on my stop lost positions. I am very suspicious that some things are going on with the stop lost positions adjustments. In short, be very careful and monitor in real time what is going on with you positions and accounts. Andy Freedman
  5. Is there any way that we can trade on IG a fraction of Bitcoin? For example 0.1 BTC or 0.01 BTC ....
  6. Is there any way we to see on the platform and to know what exactly are the Leverage Ratios for what we are making a order or deal?
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