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  1. Still on demo account. Was trying out CFD forex trading with Guaranteed Stop Loss. Guaranteed Stop Loss is a great feature to have but sadly it is only limited to a maximum of 20 standard contracts or 200 mini contracts for most of the forex pairs I tested on. While there is clear mention of the premium cost and minimum distance for use of this great feature, there is no distinct mention of the maximum trade size allowed. And I thought this maximum 20 standard contracts is applicable to all products but to my surprise, it does not apply to S&P 500 or US500. I did a test trade size of 50 standard contracts for S&P 500 and it was executed duly. So, what are the various maximum trade size for different instrument / products?
  2. Hi IG Support, After months of logging into my account via the API Excel platform, I am not able to log in since last Friday. Attached is the error code. Please help to resolve it. Thanks.
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