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  1. Hi IG Support, After months of logging into my account via the API Excel platform, I am not able to log in since last Friday. Attached is the error code. Please help to resolve it. Thanks.
  2. 1. Guaranteed Stop Loss - After an order is executed, why can't set guaranteed stop loss on desktop platform version while it is allowed on mobile app platform version? 2. Closing all (combined) buy and sell orders in one click - Why is there no feature to close all buy and sell OPEN orders of the same trading product in one click? Currently, ONLY allow all BUY orders to be closed in one click and Sell orders closed on the next click.
  3. 1st: After order was executed, no guaranteed stop loss level allowed but allowed in the mobile app platform 2nd: See attached screenshots. Tried entering stop loss on desktop platform. System seem to accept entered level "for a quick while" and then disappear totally or revert back to original level. Tried many times. BUT on mobile app platform, system accepts the same changes.
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