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  1. Hey @Caseynotes thanks for the info - that makes sense now. Cheers Bob
  2. Hello, I'm seeing this huge gap down on the ProShares Ultra Dow30 which is a leveraged ETF tracking the Dow Jones. The index its self didn't gap and Yahoo Fiance don't show this move on the ETF either so I'm failing to understand whats happened here? Any insight much appreciated, Cheers Bob
  3. Hello All, I will be on a limited risk account (seems like a sensible place to start for a n00b like myself). I understand that you pay a premium for guaranteed stops and that's fine by me. Usually this is expressed in a premium per point (which I understand) however sometimes it's expressed as a percentage eg 0.3% What I don't know is what this is a percentage of; is it of the total size of the trade or the money borrowed?? Eg Long something at £10 per point with a guaranteed stop at 10 points gives £100 risk is the stop then 0.3% * £100 = 30p cause that seems kind of small given I might pay 3pts for a stop on something else (£30). Or is it 0.3% of the total size of the money borrowed? Eg Long something at £10 per point which has 1000 base points gives £10,000 borrowed and thus £30 fee for the stop? Second example seems more likely but any wisdom will be kindly received. Cheers Angri
  4. OK thanks @Caseynotes that makes sense. I guess the trades I were looking at were very one sided - I can understand that no one wants to take the other side. Cheers, Angri
  5. Hello, can someone explain why I see this message so frequently? I understand that it means I can only go long on that market but almost every time I find a good short I see this message. Why am I being prevented from making this bet? Many thanks for any light shed on the subject Cheers, Angri
  6. Hey thanks for the response. So I understand that the spot price is derived from the two nearest contracts (as a function of time) however I'm still in the dark as to why my account has been credited rather than debited. wrote: Hey - welcome to Community. Paying or receiving on an undated commodity is based on the futures curve and whether or not it's upwards or downwards sloping. Can you provide the formula? Many thanks for any help on this! Cheers, Angribob
  7. Hello, I'm new to spread betting and am currently on a demo account. Looking at my Transaction History I can see the following: I I understand that I need to pay overnight interest on my spot bets. However why I am I being credited for the lumber? They are BOTH LONG positions. Any insight greatly appreciated. Cheers Bob I
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