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  1. This dividend was paid out by Spectra on 26th June. Why haven't IG credited it yet?
  2. Sorted with an update of flash player and resetting the 'allow Flash'. Thanks @Caseynotes
  3. And to hide how long they've been refusing to bring in the resources required to solve it, the old thread has been closed down, which is a cringe-worthy attempt at censorship at minimum ?
  4. I have the same issue, seems to have started after some kind of chrome update on Tuesday which changed the look of google home page etc Any ideas please?
  5. This continued lack of investment into a system function that is a pre-requisite for long term investment vehicles such as ISAs is a worrying signal from IG. If the company is more concerned about expansion than providing the necessary functions for retention of investors, there's some very troubling myopic decisions being made.
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