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  1. RichB-Trader

    CFD vs Spead Betting

    Hello, Thank you for your detailed reply, it was very useful. I am trying to get to the bottom of are CFD's less risky (less like gambling) than Spreadbets. I assume all things being equal, same position, bet/contract size, stops in place, risk management they are both the same risk and therefor both "gambling" to a degree. It sounds like spread betting has a reputation for people just guessing what the market will do rather than doing analysis etc, therefor it comes across as more of a gambling tool? By the way I like the sound of Spread Trading!
  2. RichB-Trader

    CFD vs Spead Betting

    Hello, Thank you for that. Can you help me with why Spread Betting could be classed as more Gambling, given both instruments you are betting an amount on the market going up or down? Also with regards to proper risk management I assume its the same risk as CFD as if the market moves against you say 5% for the same size bet / contract you will loose the same amount? Thanks.
  3. RichB-Trader

    Pre and Post Markets for US Equities

    Hello thanks all, my thoughts with omitting it is the spread distorts the candles. I thought the main market really is what should be represented as this is the "true" volume market. For example if you look at Facebook the candles can be 20% top to bottom (caused by out of hours trading) which of course is not as representative making it harder to analyse. Am I correct you pay more of a spread on out of hours trades? Thanks.
  4. RichB-Trader

    CFD vs Spead Betting

    Hello, Thanks for this. For spread betting (on my demo account) all I do is close it when I have made a profit (or exceeded my allowable losses). It never seems to have expired? I have had trades from 3 hours to 4 weeks. Can you elaborate?
  5. Hello, Just looking for people thoughts on the Pre and Post Markets for US Equities . Having done a few months of demo account, it seems like opening a trade in the Pre or Post Market means you have a larger spread and therefor pay more "commission" on a spread bet. I say this because the buy and sell prices diverge heavily during these times and close up during the main market when there is more volume. Is this correct? Also I am not keen on opening or closing out a position during these Pre or Post Markets as there is very little volume behind the moves and therefor a fakeout/whipsaws ares more likely. Am I correct with the above? I see the advantages of these out of hours market if there is news/earning but other than that I am reticent to trade them otherwise. Therefor by the same definition, when I upgrade to Pro Real Time I will exclude these Pre or Post Markets in my candle stick charting as well as the data I download to do my technical analysis. Does this sound sensible? Thanks.
  6. RichB-Trader

    CFD vs Spead Betting

    Hello, Thanks, not very au fait on DMA, why is this a big advantage?
  7. Hello, Just wondering why (in the UK) you would use CFD over spread betting given you have to pay Capital Gains Tax on CFD but spread betting is tax free?
  8. Hello, Is there an easy way to download your Open Positions and Orders into Excel? Thanks.
  9. Hello, Just posting on the community a follow up to help other people. Having spent, far too much, time on this, I can confirm IG do not let you get their data for equities through any API. This is because they do not own the data, Reuters do. You can get the IG data for currencies however. FYI Reuters basic HLOC, Volume etc. data is around £350 per month having spoken to them if it helps. However in Apple Numbers you can use a formal to search a stock price which is pretty accurate. Doesn't include pre and post market (which I will be asking a question about in another post). Thanks.
  10. Hello all, Am I right the "main" change is the margin needed to cover trades. For example to do around 8 trades I needed £20k of margin on my typical equities. Now I need more like £35k. As long as you can get the cash together it doesn't seem to drastic, or am I missing something?
  11. Hello, Bit of an obvious question but wanted to check, as on a few occasional I have been stopped out by only 0.1% of the price so want to make sure I am using the right one. For a long position, I open the position on the BUY price, and close on the SELL Price. For a short position, I open the position on the SELL price, and close on the BUY Price. Therefor if you are targeting (accurately) support and resistance zones at say 1000 on a certain stock, I should leave a little more headroom to take account of the spread which lags the overall price?
  12. Hello, When the ESMA kicked in the margin rates seemed to change, is this correct. i.e if I move to a Live account I will see no margin or functionality difference between the two. i.e I won't get closed out in a live account any different to what would happen in a Demo? Thanks.
  13. Hi, Thanks, just tried doing that but you need a windows machine to do it (typical). Going to try Python, see if I can get anywhere with that. Thanks for all your help.
  14. Hello, I have had a look into this, seems I need a Windows machine to do the conversion ☹️
  15. Hello, Just wondering if anybody can help?