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  1. When I set alerts for price crossing an indicator value, the alerts are created....but when I restart PRT the next day, some alerts are missing and I have to recreate them again. It seems to be different ones missing on different days.
  2. Hi, When I open my PRT 5-minute charts, the charts open with very squashed scaling and no candlesticks can be seen in view. If I click on the 'Default Optimized Scale button', it makes no difference as the scaling remains squashed. I then have to fiddle with zoom and scroll/drag manually until I can actually see the candlesticks each time the template is opened. My 15-minute and 1-hour PRT charts do not have this problem - the charts open with the scale optimized and I can see the candlesticks straight away. Can the scaling of charts be optimised for short timeframes, such as 5 minutes? it's frustrating to be wasting time each day trying to manually adjust scaling parameters for every chart. Candlesticks should be loaded in with optimized scaling for all timeframes - this is common place in all other charting packages that I have used so not sure why it doesn't work in PRT. Thanks.