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  1. Hi @DanielaIG, Thanks for the message, i've looked in my emails and found the documents you are referring to. I had overlooked this particular email, so it was my fault. But thanks to everyone that helped out.
  2. Hi, Thanks for all the replies. I'm sure i did fill in a similar form online on the Lloyds website when entering all the necessary data they needed. I'll phone Lloyds on Monday and find out if there are any forms or data that they need from me etc. Thanks for all of your help.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the replies. Essentially i'm looking to move my ISA account to another provider but keep my spreadbetting account with IG. The new provider has been trying to contact IG to get the valuation on my ISA account, but IG haven't replied and the new provider suggested i attempt to make contact. I initially emailed IG about 3 days ago i didn't get a reply, so i took TrendFollowers advice and phoned customer services yesterday. The lady said the person who deals with this is away and suggested i send an email to the helpdesk. I told her i had done this already and then she sa
  4. Hi, I'm trying to transfer my ISA account out of IG but IG are not responding to my bank. I've emailed IG but again no response. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I'm trading shares (LSE:BDEV Barratts Development) through my ISA account. Thanks
  6. How can i change the stop loss after the market is closed? The other evening i wanted to change the existing stop loss value on Barratt's in my ISA account. However i got the error message saying "the exchange is currently unavailable". Thanks
  7. Hi, Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Thanks for the answer and work around.
  8. Hi, How can i find out if i'm able to place a stop loss prior to buying the share? I've been able to do it on most of the shares that i have bought, but was not able to on Griffin Mining which has just gone down. On Level 2 i can see it's a fairly illiquid share but how do i know what the threshold has to be on Level 2 for IG to allow a stop loss to be placed? Thanks
  9. Hi, Yes i'm on a limited account. Thanks for all your help, i thought i was going mad!! Thanks again Johann
  10. Is this for spreadbetting accounts only as the new platform is only on the spreadbetting. Also in the old platform i still couldn't see the trailing stop-loss in the preferences section. I've shown screenshots of the only available options below. Thanks Johann
  11. Hi, Ive bought some shares (BRSC) in my ISA account and i'm trying to put a stop loss on. However whenever i do it, it says "Order Deleted". Why is that? Ive searched on the help portal but couldnt find anthing. Thanks
  12. Ive searched the help section and it says to go to Settings and then Prefernces and allow trailing stop loss. However when i go to prefernces there is no option to enable trailing stop loss. Any help would be appreciated
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