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  1. Mercury, fellow traders Many thanks for your reply. I've been unable to find the subject you mention but did find an informative video on the matter. What I'm trying to do is identify a record of what the historical dividend payouts have been for the FTSE 100. IG do not seem to publish this information as it is a chargeable service they get from Bloomberg. I've tried finding it elsewhere but still no luck. Twitter has some but can't go back far enough for the sort of analysis I want to conduct. Hoping anyone who has been recording these figures can help me out? Pls let me know Regards Matt
  2. Hi all, FTSE 100 WEEKLY DIVIDEND FIGURES I'm a new member here and I'm trying to find out where I can get a list of the dividend payouts for the FTSE 100 - the one that gets paid out on Wed at 1630 hours. for some reason when I asked IG to provide it to me they said that they dont keep that information. Im sure they do but the "Customer Help Desk" were out of their depth. Someone has said that bloomberg might have this data. Any help greatly appreciated. Matt
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