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  1. Is anyone else having problems opening charts on their mobile app? Hi there, I think it'd be nice to have a feature to close a position at market at a specific, customizable time (for example 21:59:59, just before spreads widen in the DAX). Would be useful for intraday traders that want to close positions at stop/target/close of underlying market without having to be at the screen.
  2. Is anyone else having problems opening charts on their mobile app?
  3. Please could some one explain why there is access to an MT4 platform when you log on to the web account but you can not close or open trades or is there something wrong with my computer? I tried to close a bad trade the other day by logging in through the IG website into MT4 I was not allowed to close the trade and resulted in my account being margined "Your order was rejected!!!!"
  4. In the email from IG about the ESME changes, they talk about a "slightly amended 50% margin close out rule". I was wondering if James or anyone else from IG has more information for us on that? An example of what it will mean would be great.
  5. Indicators alone do not make trading signals. Each trader must define the exact method in which the indicators will be used to signal trading opportunities and to develop strategies. Indicators can certainly be used without being incorporated into a strategy; however, technical trading strategies usually include at least one type of indicator.
  6. Interesting video on scalping. It shows the video recording of a live trade that was turned into an educational video for trainees at a prop firm. The trading takes place on the price ladder with a running commentary and explanations by the educator having debriefed the trader. The trader was looking to scalp 20 tick with 248 Lots but midway through an unscheduled breaking news event plunged the trade deep under water. The educator explains the traders rationale on how he set about trying to save the trade. Not for the faint hearted and certainly a 'don't try this at home' unless you really know what you are doing.
  7. There are many heath benefits of automating trade signal indicators.They provide you with precise signals based on automated trading analysis.These are designed by a real trader. Sitting at a desk takes 10 years off a trader's life, the healthy option is to automate and live a much healthier life.Enjoy the 10 pence a point trading and trade from your yachts.
  8. Day trading success rate is <1 % of traders make any money,according detailed searches on google, by searching for success rate of day traders.Scalping is even riskier, because the scalper risks more and takes small profits.Would the trader not be better off, trading longer term and swing trading?
  9. Hello all, I am new to trading and having spent a month learning as much as I can and writing up a trading strategy I am now starting on my Demo Account. I am mainly trading around patterns with indicators to help confirm trades. I am looking at typical NASDAQ & FTSE companies. When I do my TA I only seem to see lots and lots of channels, upward, sideways and downwards. Occasionally on the hourly there is a flag or two. I just don't seem to come across Head and Shoulders, Double Tops/Bottoms etc. Does this sounds correct or am I just not seeing it? Thanks for any help.
  10. well spotted yes its his post i posted it again as i was wondering i saw his post and no replied to such good post
  11. Hello everyone, the iphone app dealing functionality stopped for me like 4-5 days ago.. i removed the app n re- installed it but still not working. Is it only me or is the app gone buggy ... thanks!!
  12. Please be aware that if you are holding T+2 FX positions past 10pm tomorrow night and T+1 pairs past 10pm Wednesday night (all times GMT), you will be charged/credited 5 days’ worth of funding due to the bank holidays on Friday and Monday across most pairs. (Some crosses will settle on the 2nd so clients will be charged/credited 4 days.) Quarter end swap rates look to be slightly higher than what they normally are for a 5 day period over 29th March-3rd April roll. Notably, if you’re short dollars you’ll be paying more, whilst if you’re long dollars you’ll be receiving more. The rationale for the quarter-end movement remains the same - it is a reflection of the expected demand for dollars around month-, quarter- and year-end and as such it is very flow driven. All things being equal, the spot rate should adjust to reflect this at 10pm as it did over year end. This is, however out of our control. Please note the moves are nowhere near what we saw over year end, but if you have any questions please just add a comment below.
  13. I currently have a position open for bitcoin on the IG trading platform and the market doesn't open for a few more hours . When the market closed I was in a 1k+ profit however now I will be down . However since the markets closed it still shows that I'm up 1k . My question is , can I close the position and receive my profits still with the market closed , or when I close click position will it place my order and be fulfilled once the market opens at whatever the rate is then . Note : I do have the option to close the position even though it's closed but I'm reluctant to click it as im not sure what will happen. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it alot , the market opens in 3 hours .
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm from the UK and just received a pretty modest lump sum of money. With interest rates being so low along with my interest in finance, I'd like to invest a proportion of it (around £500- just to try things out), through an online self invest stocks and shares ISA, After shopping around a little bit, I've decided that IG are offering probably the best deal out there for a UK investor who is protected by the FCA (although deGiro are extremely low cost, I'm worried about investing a lot with them due to the not being covered by the FCA.) As IG are originally book makers who apparently have the reputation of being rogues anyway, I was asking your advice on what to do... Once I invest my money, I'd hate if it was like pulling teeth trying to get it back out again or transferring to another broker. Would really appreciate anyone else sharing their experience with IG. Thank you!