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  1. Hi Guys, This is what I see in the EURUSD. So basically I see the price breaking the 1.200 Major aiming the 1.100 Major. In doing so, I see the price breaking the B point of a possible massive shark with a retesting pullback over the 50% resistance forming a little baby shark in an inconvenient position, where if the price closes above the D point of the little shark, it is most likely to aim for the bearish trendline aligned with 1.175 quarter where I expect a big bearish bounce. If the price closes below the 1.150 quarter is most likely aiming for the completion of the big shark, finding
  2. Thank you very much @Mercury I really appreciate your advice!! I'm practising and focusing on harmonics atm, on what else do you suggest to put my attention on?
  3. just now Hey guys, today I found a possible Cypher in the USDCAD . In my opinion, after the price will break the B point resistance would smoothly go into the completion of the Cypher D point at 1.1310 perfectly aligned with a bearish trendline , giving me the clue of possible bearish momentum around that area. a nice set-up on this trade could be to short at the completion of the D point with a stop loss above structure at 1.3182 and taking profits respectively at 1.304 and 1.295. Hope you'll find this helpful do not hesitate to add info or to share your idea on it.
  4. Hi @Mercury, thanks for your reply. Your analysis makes complete sense and I'll take into consideration your views. Anyway, I do work also on USD pairs but I'm quite new to the financial world (I love technical analysis btw), so I'm basically trying to do some technical on different pairs and post my analysis to receive some feedback and opinions on possible market directions.
  5. Hi guys, Scrolling charts looking for opportunities came into my eyes this lovely shark ready to eat pips in a long-term projection. From my technical perspective, I see the price breaking below XA 50% Fib retracement, having then a big bounce after touching 2016 higher high and going back into 50%Fib that looks quite solid resistance ( I'll tell better in the next days though ). I expect the price to break below the 2016 support, aiming the completion of a nice and smooth pattern slightly below the 1.1000 Major quarter, expecting then a reversal aiming at 1.2000 Major quarter.
  6. This trade actually turned into a shark pattern after a big spike 113% fib ext on the c point changing the buy zone at 147.402.
  7. Possible Bat pattern for a quick trade. wait for the break of s/r1 and start projecting
  8. Hi guys, Today my attention went on the GBPJPY where I've noticed a near miss to the major quarter 150.000 forming a triple top at the completion of a butterfly pattern. I'm expecting to see the price to break under the 147.121 level aiming for the next major quarter 140.000. A good set-up for very patient people on this trade could be to go short at the breakout of the 147.121 support level aiming the 141.000 level for an amazing 600 pips trade ;)
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