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  1. Yes, green are manual entries and red crosses sells Remember, the big bull run towards the end is only visible in hindsight My rationale was to enter whenever there was a small pullback and then a 1min candle making a new high. And then I sold as soon as I could once in profit, typically every $20ct move. That was £6 of profit every trade. Done that 10-12 times or so Although also have to say, if one of those positions went against me, the daily profit would've likely been gone. So will have to see in future how this scalping with high position sizes works out
  2. Almost everything that makes you a million bucks is one in a million or worse. Found a business and grow it to a million bucks profit per year - 9 out of 10 start-ups fail in the first year. Only few make it to 7 figures Work in a corporate environment and work yourself up the ladder until you earn 1 million per year - chances are extremely thin - Only members of the C-Level suite earn that kind of money and the average time until you get there is probably 20 years or more Invest for the longterm until your portfolio reaches 1 million - will take a long time depending on with how much you start Try to marry into a rich family - good luck finding someone - chances, less than 1 in a million Wait for your elders to decease so that you can inherit their million bucks - have fun waiting until your 50, the average age where you inherit Winning the lottery - chance less than 1 in 10 million Considering all of this, day trading doesn't seem to be too far off. And the best thing is you can give it a try while you're exploring one of the other options above as a fallback.
  3. Slight change of game plan for me. On short notice flying to South East Asia today. US Market Open is over there at 21.30, so not too sure how much I'm going to be able to trade. Possibly need to re-start the small account challenge when I'm back, end of November.
  4. Love this thread - reads like a comedy show
  5. If its only IG's client sentiment then we would first need to know how good IGs traders are compared to the rest Then we could either specifically trade against it (if IG traders are ****) or go with it (if they are the best).
  6. Cool When I started out here in this forum I thought @Caseynotes was the admin He's just too seriously active in here for being just a normal guy
  7. Found this video there the other day, which shows how IG hedges. (At minute 2.00 approx) They don't hedge individual customers, but overall positions. So if 100 customers trade let's say FTSE 100, 50 short and 50 long (with same size), they don't hedge at all, cause the customers hedge each other. If 80 would go long and only 20 short, then at one point they hedge and go long on the underlying market.
  8. Here's how I configured my platform btw. Screen 1 Main trading screen with the following windows (from top left to bottom right) Watchlist Scanner Alerts Charts (5min, daily, 1min) Level 2 window (although not working as discussed above) Realtime Time and Sales Window Order Entry Screen 2 Executed Orders Open Positions 2 more charts for stuff I'm watching next to my main trading window Excel "Cheat Sheet" which I use for calculating position sizes and keep track on available funds, margin, etc. (cause PRT doesn't provide that by default for some odd reason) (The daily PnL shows -£20,000 cause I first needed to deplete the demo account down to £500 before I could start trading with the small account challenge)
  9. Nice @elle My watchlist today was: Traded mostly XNET and a little AUY. Went well. Up £81 (+16.2%) Account balance Day 1: £581 XNET Classic Gap and go My strategy was to take profit as quick as possible. Typically every $0.20. Scalped myself up that way pretty well
  10. Ah ok. That's unfortunate. Does anyone know a provider who offers L2 data for the US market - for a similar price like IG does for UK market - couple of £ per month?
  11. Level 2 Having the same issues again as a few weeks back. Subscribed to the relevant exchanges via IG. But no Level 2 data showing up in L2. @CharlotteIG Can you advise please what's wrong?