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  1. Maybe you can apply for a corporate account? Not sure if they charge you then though. Email: newaccounts.uk@ig.com Other option/workaround (although not sure if IG wants to see this ) : Work with multiple API keys. Once one has reached its limit, swap over to the next one. Rotate like 5 keys through, at least that way you have 50,000 historical data points Or: Look if you can optimise your query. Sometimes it's better to scan on a broad level, e.g. daily or monthly timeframe, then we you find something interesting, zoom in to a hourly or 5-minute chart or whatever it is you need for your strategy. In regards to backtesting, try the backtest functionality of ProRealTime. I think it's pretty powerful. No real need to use the API imho.
  2. I know this guy / youtube series. Makes sense to me. As always, there are different approaches and strategies to this. Almost any strategy which delivers some sort of edge vs the market works, if the trader is able to stick to it and see it through and doesn't fall victim to FOMO, etc. Traders always like to discuss if risk-reward ratios of 1:1 or 1:2 are better or if you need a 50% win rate or 75%. I always like to think, these details won't matter as long as the strategy is built around it in a sensible way. Of course working with 1:1 risk-reward and a 25% win rate won't work, that's clear. But if you do 1:1 and 70% win rate or 1:2 and 50% win rate or even 2:1 with a 85% win rate, doesn't matter one bit as long as it works for you. Too many traders always seem to get hooked up to one specific detail of a comprehensive strategy and then try to box through that detail, no matter what and in the end fail, cause they failed to see the bigger picture. Anyway, yesterday was a solid day. Had over 70% win rate on a handful of trades. Daily goal of £50 hit. Let's see what today brings.
  3. Yesterday didn't quite work out for me btw. Been a bit rusty over the long break over christmas and new year Topped back up to £500 and starting to count from today.
  4. @Adam71 I see it this way: If you can't turn a profit in the demo, you won't turn one in live. So no need to go to live and burn through cash. You are right, only because you are turning a profit in demo, doesn't necessarily mean you are able to do the same in live. What do you suggest instead? Straight going onto live environment and burning through real cash there? Have done that, been there, don't want to do it again
  5. Ok guys, back in the driver's seat. Happy new year everyone! Demo account charged back up to £500. Here we go. New year, new challenge. Updating the rules a bit: Starting capital: £500 Trading US open exclusively, that's 14.30 to about 15.30 UK time (At 16.00 I wanna be in the Gym, which is a good motivator to not trade longer than that ) Strategy Focus on stocks which are between $0.1 and $20 Scan for gappers pre-market (Gap > 5%) Scan for momentum during market (Momentum stocks are stocks which are up more than 10% on the day) Max risk per day: 20% of account size (£100 initially) Max risk per trade: 33% of daily risk (£33 initially) Daily Target: 10% (£50 initially) Winning trades % aim is 80% (4 out of 5 trades are winners) The challenge is successful if the account size at the end of the month is above £1000. The challenge is also successful if the account size is between £500 and £1000, but the winning trades % is above 80%. (That shows the strategy works, just the £ gain is not as high as expected.) If the challenge is successful, I'm going back to live. Not going to post super detailed trade reviews, but will update here and then on how it goes. Hope to find someone who's joining in as well.
  6. thanks for the follow up @CharlotteIG. All works now again as expected. Was just the trick with disabling it and re-enabling it again that fixed it
  7. Holy cow, his account is now at over $39k after only 15 trading days. From $500 to $39k, that's a juicy return right there Obviously the market for US small caps seems insanely hot right now, but nonetheless, some solid trading performance. https://youtu.be/Vu2fheiyeow
  8. ok, was able to fix it by disabling PRT for live and re-enabling it again. Then enabling it for demo afterwards without the error
  9. @dmedin Doesn't work like that, cause of the float You can do his strategy with share sizes of 100, 1000 or maybe sometimes 3000 or even 10k-20k. But you couldn't trade the same way in the big hedge fund style, cause there wouldn't be enough shares and buyers and sellers to get in and out of trades that quickly. That's why hedge funds hold positions over 1-3 months and slowly building up their position and slowly unwinding it again. If a stock has let's say a float of 10m shares, you just wouldn't be able to buy 10% of that in one go and sell it one minute later again.
  10. Just tried to start my ProRealTime on my demo account, but the button disappeared. Then I went into the account settings and found this error message. Which is weird, cause PRT is still enabled on my live account. What can I do to get it back working on the Demo?
  11. Haha @elle - you have to watch the video, he's just joking. His account has grown in 11 trading days from $500 to over $7.000 already. Insane. We're just not on the same level of skillset yet - plus have it more difficult cause IG is restricting most of the good momentum stocks to trade. Like the one stock Ross made over $4,000 in the last 3 days, we can't even trade. IG really makes it hard for us to keep up with the pace here
  12. Ok, decided to use the Christmas Period to think, test and analyse a little and start in the new year with a fresh £500 small account challenge. Speak then! @nit2wynit I won't accept your retirement! Keep going mate
  13. Ok guys. The account is blown! Balance left: £286 Only 40% win rate today. First trade got me into the red and then never recovered from there. Key is to get the first trade green, no matter how much, just green. Otherwise the day is doomed. Does this mean the Warrior Trading Strategy doesn't work? --> No, I don't think so. I think the strategy does indeed work as we've seen on some of the days, where we had huge winners. Just need to refine my skills a bit more. Obviously IG makes it even harder to follow the strategy, cause they restrict 70% of the hot stocks, but guess we have to live with that. Learnings from this round: Enter trades with pre-defined stop. Keep stops tight, but not too tight (about 2x spread seems to work) Taking profits quickly, but not too quickly (still not sure on when to take profits; so far I was just adjusting my stop into profit zone and waited until it got hit - probably not the best strategy) Focus on winning trades % rather than £ profit targets. Better to take a profit once possible, than to see it reverse and hit stop-loss (seen this so many times). Winning trade % should be about 70%. Getting into trades early (low of the pullback), but not too early (pullback still going lower) and not too late (next move already in progress - entering too high) First trade of the day needs to be green to avoid back against the wall situation All a bit harder than it seemed from the beginning I'll charge my account back to £500 and start round 2 of the small account challenge shortly (maybe tomorrow already?) These were my overall stats for this round of the small account challenge: