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  1. Alrighty, time flied again. Here is how my testing phase worked out in August. 25 Trades placed. £1000 account at the start. It's been a bit of a slow month, but that's how August typically feels. I tested 4 reward-risk ratios: 2:1 (2 reward, 1 risk) 1:1 0.5:1 0.25:1 As you can see from the chart below, none of them were super profitable. 2:1 sucked the hardest, only 7 winners, 18 losers. 28% success rate. Break-Even would've been at 33%. 1:1 came out on top. It did have some nice profit during the month, but then couple of losers at the end made it come down quite significantly again. Success rate: 52% (Break-Even at 50%) 0.5:1 negative as well. Success rate: 60% (Break-even at 66%) 0.25:1 profitable and the most stable growth curve, although not the highest. Success Rate: 80% (Break-Even at 75%) So, not really exciting results overall. Profit target would've been at £500 and no reward:risk ratio was able to hit that, even temporarily. So I searched for further optimisations. I concentrated on a reward:risk ratio of 1:1 as that seemed to have worked the best. First of all I was looking at not adding to positions as I have done in the August test and see how that would've performed. Quite well. Apparently, my position adds were doing more harm than good. Without the adds, my success rate jumps from 52% to 64%. I was thinking, if I don't add to my position, I can also double my position sizing from the start. With these two optimisations, my profit would've come out at £335, already way closer to the £500 target. Secondly, I was thinking, what if I normalise my position sizing in a way, that I always make £200 loss/profit. Meaning, when I get to enter closer to the resistance, I can double down on my position size even further. While when I'm entering further away from the resistance, I'm scaling down position sizing. With that optimisation, risk-reward stays the same (same trades, just different position sizing), but profit jumps to £800 on the month. That's a juicy 80% and well above the 50% target. See the optimisations in the chart below. So, as a result, I'm currently testing the final optimisation on my Live account. Risk-Reward: 1-1 Not adding to positions, hence increased standard position size Normalised position sizing according to max loss/profit target (£200 on a £1000 account) Next update, once the month is over and I have the Live results.
  2. Taking up rights is typically for free. Lapsing them is of course for free. Although trading the rights, might be subject to fees. I imagine the standard rates apply. Question is if they apply the online rates (£8 / £3) or because you have to call in, you pay the phone rates, which are like £40.
  3. Oh, and the email just arrived lol. all good
  4. See the rights in my account, but no email from IG about it, like they typically do asking you if you want to take up the rights or do nothing or trade them. Very weird one. Did they forget to send out the email this time or is it something else?
  5. Did anyone actually receive an e-mail about the rights issue? Like they usually email you asking if you want to take up the rights or do nothing or trade them? I haven't seen any email coming in and now have the rights in my account. Weird one. Certainly would like to take up the rights. What to do?
  6. I'm in Indo as well. Using NordVPN. Can recommend it.
  7. In the past couple of months I was playing essentially the reverse of what Ross from Warrior Trading does. Gap Short instead of Gap and Go. Much of the procedure is exactly the same. Scanning for gappers (gap-up) before market open. Filtering by shares below $20 (preferred below $10), low float (typically smaller than 200mil) and small spreads (smaller 2%, better smaller 1%). Then instead of jumping in long on market open, I wait until they had their initial run and found a potential high of day. This is when I go in short and ride the downwards momentum. I see it as such, when Ross is finished with trading the long side, I go in short.
  8. Yeah, I was celebrating myself as well haha. Reason why I probably lost all of it in 3 days afterwards Never get overconfident, just cause you had a few back to back winners lol
  9. Jo @nit2wynit old pal. How's things? You didn't read the whole post. 4-1 was my intial set-up, but changed to 2-1 from May and had a good run with that until early July. The analysis you're asking is quite difficult to make, but often times the position went against me quite heavily and only reversed close to my stop. This is where I added the next 25% to my position and riding the reversal back down. But indeed a good question. This is what I'm currently analysing with my demo trades during August. Got a sneak peak for you below. (The numbers here are now reverse, 2:1 means Reward 2 - Risk 1) Front runner currently is 1-1, followed by 0.25:1 (which is the 4-1 I started with). See the 0.25:1 curve is much smoother though, with a lot less drawdown. Still I'm thinking going back live with a 1-1 strategy this time, also amended a few of the other variables. Will post further details beginning of next month. How much you down pal?
  10. Ok guys, here comes the long awaited update So I went live in late March 2020 with a £1k account and had my first green month in probably about 3 years. £262.40 of profit in the box. Amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn't build on the success in April, where I had a bit of a losing streak and only managed to break-even on the month in the end with £3.06 of losses. My winning trades % in April was 75%, although i was working with a Risk 4, Reward 1 strategy. To be profitably with that I need 80% + winning trades. I then refined my strategy a bit in May and went with a Risk 2, Reward 1 strategy. In the end I had a winning trades % of again 75% and made £419.53 of profits. Not too bad. The strategy seemed to work. June I upped my account to close the gap to £2k, so that i could trade with increased position sizing. And well, that was a good month. £1,253.39 of profits with a winning trades % of 84%. That's how I imagined it. By the end of the month I had £3,253.39 in my account and increased my position sizes for July once again. This is where it all went wrong. In the first 4 trading days in July I lost about as much as I made the previous 4 months combined. Consequently, for the remainer of the month I had to trade with way lower position size again, meaning I couldn't get back to break-even - not even close. Ended the month down £1,821.53. Overall I'm still £110.73 in the green, although taken things back to the Demo account for August to refine my strategy once more. Did I move away from my strategy, that previously worked in July? Nope Did I take on too much risk in July? Likely. I should probably scale up my position sizing more slowly and also limit the total risk I have open at a time. In early July, 3 trades with £600 risk each, all went simultaneously against me, which was a £1800 loss in one week. It might be better to only have max one trade with full risk open (which was £600 at that time) and either not open any other trades or only trades with reduced risk (like£400 or £200). Then these 3 trades which went against me, might have only caused a loss of £1000, which means I still had a realistic chance to come back by the end of the month. Anyway, now in August I was experimenting with the good old Risk 1, Reward 2 set-up. Although I have found a way to actually backtest various Risk-Reward setups, so at the end of the month (next Monday) I will know for sure, with which risk-reward set-up I will go back to live in September. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Lol, should've gone long when good ol Buffet went long few weeks ago. Now you missed a 20% gain and bought into a resistance. Still learning eh?
  12. Are you actually trading that @dmedin or just posting funny chart snippets every now and then?
  13. Ulala, it's fixed 🥳 Without any comment ha Thanks anyway. Next time you make a release, test if everything still works - piece of advice
  14. Of course IG is not making an effort fixing this, they want us playing on live - no profit on demo for them ey @CharlotteIG Can you please give a status update for this issue?