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  1. My royal dutch shell dividend has been removed via CONTRA divi now as well. Thanks IG 😁
  2. Now I have received my BP Dividend, but the CONTRA BP Dividend still remains, so essentially I come out at 0 What is going on @CharlotteIG?
  3. I just had this happened yesterday, but not with Royal Dutch Shell, but with BP. But Royal Dutch Shell I seemed to have recieved the same dividend again, as I already received on 17/12. IG never stops surprising lol - how weird is that
  4. you can just pull this yourself via the API - that is if you know how
  5. Isn't this the old roulette "strategy" where you bet on red or black. Bet $1, lose $1. Bet $2, lose $2. Total Loss: $3 Bet $4, lose $4. Total Loss: $7 .... Bet $256, Lose $256. Total Loss: $511 Bet $512. Win $512. Total Win: $1 Works 100%, except when it doesn't and red comes out 50 times in a row, whilst you are on black
  6. I'm not so good with C# Are you using the IG API datafeed or something else entirely? I've built a few VBA applications using the IG API - didn't help me turning over a profit though
  7. Would it not make more sense and be much quicker if you backtest this, instead of forward testing? Who wants to wait til June 2021 to see the outcome ha And with backtesting you could easily go back to the 1950s, not just do 1 year I like what @jlz is doing there - what platform/tool you using for backtesting?
  8. Hey, who said we're buddies I'm just somehow seem to slip through the net of insults, probably cause I'm just popping into the forum once every couple of months, then going back undercover - doing the actual work lol
  9. Anyway, I think my decision is made. 1) Going back to UK market. Two reasons: a) More familiar with the market as I'm also an investor in the UK, so I roughly follow what's going on with the general market sentiment b) Daylight saving time is coming soon, meaning US market open is here where I live at 10.30pm at night (back one hour from 9.30pm). While trading from 9.30-10.30pm is reasonable, trading from 10.30-11.30pm is quite a stretch. While UK market open is around 3pm/4pm (with DST) which seems a better time 2) Identifying tickers with the following fundamentals - Either unprofitable or PE ratio > 20 - Book-to-market ratio well over at least 2 - Price up at least 100% in the past 12 months There won't be many tickers at a given time available which meet that criteria plus are eligible to trade with IG. Looking at a stock screener I see 36 tickers which are 100%+ up in the past 12 months right now on LSE. Probably about 5 are tradeable with IG. 3) Technical Entry - Established high of the current move - Trading on hourly and daily chart (opposed to 1min and 5min what I'm doing right now) - Entry on red daily candle making a new low vs previous day or bear flag or flat bottom break-out 4) Technical Exit - Stop-Loss at high of the current move + Spread - Taking profits at 1:1 risk/reward ratio - Moving stop-loss to BE when 25% of target price is reached I just exercised this through for BATM Advanced Communications. This one would've met the fundamental criteria since May 2020 and I count 7 trades which met the technical criteria since. The result (starting with a £1000 account and assuming I would've only traded this, which obviously wouldn't be correct as there were other similar opportunities in the market since then): £2048.30 in profits over 34 days invested in the market (out of 109 days in that timeframe, that's 31% in the market) 3x would've been out at BE, 4x in profit. Marked the 7 trades in the chart below. What do you think?
  10. Yep, something similar worked for me earlier this year in May/June. I was entering only 25% of my full position first, then added another 25% on the next signal and so on until being fully invested. What I also did was, every time I added another 25%, I moved the stop closer to my entry as well as the profit target. So for example first entry at 400, stop at 600, target at 200. (Short) Then second entry at e.g. 450, reducing stop to 500, target to 300. Third entry at 400 (when it is going down again), stop now at 466, target at 333. Last entry at let's say again 400, stop now at 450, target at 350 and I ride it. That way my £ risk/reward was always the same, I just moved it around depending on how much I scale in. It worked very well until it didn't and I lost half my account within 3 days in early July. Essentially, I had 3 open positions and all went simultaneously against me and took me out. Since I was searching for a slightly adapted system, that is less prone to taking half my account in a short period of time.
  11. And last one for today: Fresnillo PE: 74 Book-to-Market: 4x Up 100% YTD High of the current Move: 1379 Current Price: 1343 Target Price: 1000 Trade Entry on the break of the Flag which is currently building Stop: 1407 (above the high of the current move) Target: 1010 Risk-Reward: 1:4 What do you think?
  12. The good thing is, with trades like this you only really need 1 to play out over 2 months and you already got your 50% account growth avg per month. Problem is, how to protect yourself from losers, but in theory I would move my stop-loss to break-even as soon as it trades outside my entry range.
  13. Another example: BATM Advanced Communications Fundamentals: PE Ratio: 162 Book-to-Market: 5x Up 213% YTD Fundamentals indicate this is about to go down Technicals already showing signs of a downwards pattern, making lower lows and lower highs Current Price: 116 High of the current move: 150.75 High of the latest push-up: 138.5 Target Price: 85 (former low, around 200EMA on the daily) Trade Go short on break of current flag it is forming Size: 35 (£1000 margin) Stop: 143 (above latest high) Target: 85 Risk:Reward: 1:1 What do you think?
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