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  1. Ok, another red day for me. Not the worst day in terms of winning %. 7 winners, only 4 losers. Problem was the first trade of the day, took me down badly. Then it was hard to get back up. Learning: Buying the 2nd 1min candle when it makes a new high, might not be the best strategy. Rather give it another 1-2 candles or so before buying in. Learning 2: Also spoke with @nit2wynit where to actually buy in. Low of the pullback or breakout after the pullback. So far I was buying the breakout after the pullback, but tomorrow will try hitting the low of the pullback and see if that works out better. Today got stopped out multiple times, just to see it rally afterwards. Getting in on the low, might mitigate this. Mostly been trading IMGN today. Big loss at first trade. Then a few small winners, but all stopped out at break-even. Only the last one (short) was able to let it run and make £27 back. At least something. Without the big loser at the start, certainly would've made some profits on this one today. Just when you're with the back against the wall it's impossible to work back.
  2. Time: 2 hours per day / 5 days per week Effort: sitting at my desk, only sweating a little when positions go against me Does it beat buy and hold - absolutely yes!
  3. Wasn't doing it today for me. Finishing down £116 (almost back at my £500 now ) Pretty much one winner, one loser, one winner, one loser. Until I ended up at break-even in the end and took two revenge trades which cost me the £116. What can I say - don't trade past 4pm. Started on a quick short on this one on the break of yesterday's low. Worked out fine. Then 3 trades on IPXL. One winner, then a loser and another winner. Afterwards missed the nice VWAP bounce, cause been in a meeting. ****! This would've been the winner I needed today. Then LJPC from the MoMo scanner. Looked simple to trade in theory, but first got stopped out twice. Stop too tight maybe. Worked on the 3rd run, but didn't make everything back I lost. After that my meeting had another look at the market and just saw MEET popping up and selling off afterwards. Was trying to get the reversal twice, but neither worked. Should've not traded this one for sure and call it quits at break-even.
  4. Can't find more than this today. Might be another quick trading day, cause feel like I get a meeting in, in about 30 mins...
  5. Gap Scanner today seems useless - not a lot we can trade with IG on there
  6. Good finding, this one! But hard to manage You on live or demo?
  7. Alright guys, this is it for today Finishing up £48. First tried BLRX, but it was just selling off. Stop-loss hit immediately. After that I struggled to find any momentum at all, so decided to play some shorts on IPXL. Worked out well, especially the second leg. End of week 3: -£132 Account Balance: £658 Total Performance: +£158 Let's see what we can wing next week, more or less the last real trading week of the year! If I can get the account back up to £1k, happy. If staying below £1k, then gonna extend the DEMO into January.
  8. Gonna go with that Although will be a short trading session today, only have 30mins, then a meeting (blah) (might be positive for my profits though )
  9. I gotta good feeling about this today - UK stocks are already surging on the back of the election result, so possibly that US is having a great day as well. Already lots of gappers on the list
  10. Jo, been a struggle today. Ups and downs like crazy. Closing the day -£30. Traded TTM, PT, IPXL and DEPO. First trade on TTM, went in on the big move, but got stopped out basically at break-even. Afterwards it surges. Lol PT, was hoping for the big move as well, but never happened, lol. First made 5 bucks, then lost 30. Moved on after that, as clearly selling off and no trades to short. DEPO got me badly. First made some bucks on the move up. Cool. Then there was this flat top forming at the high of day and on this false breakout I went in, but it flushed down, taking all my profit. Hating false break-outs. Finally IPXL. Got in on the break over VWAP and got stopped out. Got back in on the move up and stopped out at break even. Classic. Then got back in on the next 5min set-up. This time it worked out and I made a good bunch of money. Balance almost at £50, which is where I would've stopped for the day. Obviously I went in again on the break over high of day and lost it. Balance back to 0. Tried a quick short afterwards, which was more revenge trading than anything. Also didn't work out.
  11. Let's see how this goes Testing to work with fixed stops today. Max risk per trade is 33% of the daily max risk. Meaning 3 losers, I'm out. Stop is set at 2 x spread
  12. That's the Demo of TradeIdeas mate. And the 20min delay doesn't matter. Ross builds his watchlist 20min before the open as well, so if you have a quick double check right before the market opens you see the same list as Ross. All easy
  13. Missed the trading session today. Firefighting somewhere else. Back on it tomorrow. Heard @nit2wynit had some fun though
  14. Hi @dbhill, welcome to the forum. Nice to see a new name appearing. Trade Ideas on Demo account works perfectly fine for scanning gappers pre-market. For Momentum Stocks in play it won't work, because on Demo the data is 20mins delayed. For scanning live I use ProRealTime which you can get for free with IG,if you trade 4x per month (or else costs £30). I did a screenrecord how to set-up the pre-market scanner with Trade Ideas here (if you've not seen it yet): https://youtu.be/UHoLM5eIwco Let me know how you get along!
  15. Couple of learnings for me: I don't think I'm good with adding to my position. From tomorrow I'm going in with 90% of my account size, so that I can't add. It's more of a win or lose situation. Easier to take profit as well. Today on OBSV I didn't take profit instantly, because I didn't add to my position yet. Then I added and both trades went into the red afterwards. Don't buy the freaking top !!! Wait for the pullback.
  16. Ok guys, still not there. Almost blew it on this one. First traded OBSV right at the open. First position was in the green, then I added. Next thing I know is, the prices flushes down 30cents and just like that I'm down over £100. Bad luck? Should've taken profit, wa? Then I saw ASNA popping up on the Momentum scanner. Wasn't on the gap scanner in the morning because less than 1$. Probably gonna adapt the gap scanner from tomorrow down to 10ct. Anyway, jumped in and bought the top as always. Down almost £200 by that time. I thought screw it, I'm going short ASNA as the momentum seemed broken. At least that worked. Almost made everything back, but still down £43 on the day in the end. Account balance: £640 (few more days and I'm back where I started )
  17. Will be looking at. Gameplan: Focus on Basehits, Don't jump in too high, Cut losses quicker, Switch to 5min chart after 15mins Profit target: £100
  18. Doesn't look like the most exciting gap list of all time today
  19. Wow, 100 per month. That's insane. Thanks for checking anyway @CharlotteIG There's gotta be a cheaper provider for US Level 2 out there - anyone know anything?
  20. Agree, join us on the demo buddy, @dmedin Maybe we can crack it together
  21. You can watch the mid-day market recap for free every day, but the live trading is his paid program Plain copying him won't work, cause of the Spread-Betting limitations me and @nit2wynit call out. But essentially that's what we're trying to do. Not as easy as it sounds though as you see in the thread - you still need to overcome your own emotions. A strategy is just a strategy - pulling the trigger at the right time is a whole other level. Well, trading is only 2 hours per day, right? The rest goes into his business: His youtube channel probably makes around $50k a year in ad revenue He sells his book (I bought one). His rank is about 50,000, that's about 5 books sold per day or about 2000 per year. Let's say he earns $5 per book sold, that's another $10k per year. His trading chatroom is between $99 and $197 per month, let's average at $125 per month or $1,500 pa. How many of his 400k Youtube Subscribers will be signed up there? 0.1%? That's 400 and another $600k income per year. Totalling these 3 at $660k income. Not even considering trading. You see, succeeding in business always wins.