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  1. God dammit @nit2wynit - I can't work with you like that Need you to be on point at 2.30pm each day, ready to crush it! Gonna make that screengrab now how the screener works
  2. No, that's all spread betting mate. Commission free, you just pay the spread.
  3. ProRealTime doesn't pull in any pre-market data mate, so what you see there is the end of day performance of the previous day
  4. alright guys, sorry, trading took a bit too long today and then I went off into the gym before it gets too crowded in there. Anyway, **** slow day, today. Finishing at -£180 Only traded one ticker: VRAY First got caught on the spike up and consequent sell off at market open. But happy to have kept my risk tight and only lost £116. Then made a bit of it back on the rebound. As it failed to make new highs, I though this is gonna be it for the day and went short. However, it actually made new highs in the end. Certainly wasn't expecting that. All the other tickers on my watchlist were boring as ****, nothing good to trade. Still up on the week, so tomorrow is gonna be a new day with new opportunities.
  5. Ross started his small account challenge today, but didn't place any trades. Some technical issues amongst other things. Even happier with my £270 bucks now https://youtu.be/Eexn4MPe0Mc
  6. Agree with @nit2wynit. Take a break then onto Demo until it all works out. My 4 wk break last month was legit. I know look forward to trading every day and can't wait for market open On Sundays I'm like, ****, no trading today, good that tomorrow is Monday again I'm gonna ride the Demo certainly this month. If I end anywhere between £2k and £5k I'm gonna try live from next year again with this new strategy. I feel like I'm doing most of it right already. I know how to do the pre-market scanning and also the live market scanning with PRT I know how to calculate position sizes I know how to scale in and out of a trade I know how to play it long and short Just bit of improvement on the risk management and FOMO required, then this should work out. Only trialling this on the Demo for 1 wk now, but feeling more confident than ever that this might all work out eventually.
  7. ok boys, this is it. + £271.6 - happy with that ASLN was my big winner again. Then took two short positions on NVAX, which worked out as well. NVAX could've been more profit, but was too distracted after an hour Bring on tomorrow. Good start into the week
  8. Alright bro My game plan for today - ASLN again, let's see who burns whom this time
  9. Ignore news, the chart is showing you if there are news If you just use this template you're almost good to go. All I'm doing is add here a 20 and here company name and float. that's it Good luck today!
  10. Haha, want to keep it modest mate Target is £100 - £200 and to beat the FOMO instinct. Always wait for the pullback! Always! Also, want to play around a bit with stop-loss lvls so that I'm not getting that £700 loss again. So far I wasn't having any stop loss pre-set when entering trades, but was more knowing in my head where I want to exit - that caught me off guard last week, so might be better to set that max loss of £100 in stone straight when entering the trade. Did you figure out the trade ideas scanner yet? Won't have time to do the screenrecord before market open today, otherwise I'll do it afterwards.
  11. Not placed any trades on live account in November and boom got the fee charged. Without receiving any prior warning via email or similar though. At least we know that they actually charge this now if you don't trade
  12. Yeah, the risk management needs a bit more practice. Agreed. Don't think it is actually possible to work with these hard £ risk levels. Like £100. With that you wouldn't find any entries. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I mean the ASLN situation today, right thing to do would've been cut losses immediately failing to break the $7 level. Would've been a loss of like £300 and back to break-even on the day. All good. On the other hand, this could've broken the $7, get halted, re-open at $7.50 and shoot to $8. Up another £300-£400 Let's do it. Happy to make a screen record, how I set it up if you like?
  13. On contraire, ASLN got me today. Badly Total Rollercoaster today First started off well with £385 on ASLN. Then I was pushing it. Missed the run on the second 5min candle - and FOMO - I thought this is going to get halted soon, so better get in before. Bought straight the top at 700 and was down couple of hundred almost instantly on the flush back to 600. I was like, selling now won't make much sense either. So I held onto it, but eventually cut losses when it broke below the VWAP. **** ****! Then I saw PT popping up on the Momentum scanner. I thought this looks really well. Volume picking up. I got in and then it got halted shortly after. When it came out of the halt I was up over £300. That's how to do it. Tried to take another trade later on it, but lost £121 on it. Calling it a day. End of day result: -£158 End of week result: +£328 Account size after week 1: £909
  14. 😂 @nit2wynit The classic - logging into trading station - why is nothing moving ? Ah, bank holiday - ok, back to sleep then 😂
  15. So turns out Ross traded ASLN, but lost $60 on it. However, he made like $3k on PNRL. That didn't even show up on my momentum scanner. Will need to have a look tomorrow why it didn't show up. Would've been a nice opportunity as well. He also mentioned from next week he's gonna focus on the small account challenge, so we should have a better way of matching performance.
  16. Popping up 50%+ on the screener. That's one for Ross's "High of Day MoMo scanner" You what he's gonna say: "And then I saw ASLN popping up on the scanner - and I'm thinking, wow, this is gonna go with or without me. So I jumped onto it for the break over $2 and then added at ..." Same story everday
  17. Low of the respective pullback I was entering. Was using the 1min chart for trading. 5min chart posted above just made the picture clearer in one screenshot
  18. Still going the beast. Will be interesting to see later, what Ross has done with it. Classic Ross ticker, sure he's done well on it
  19. Was going well for me today Started off on the wrong foot on SFET. Leading gapper, but was selling off Then one trade on GTT, which was a break-even Then I saw ASLN popping up on the screener. Just up 50%. I jump in and ride it nicely. Total profit: £581.20 I got to give it to you @nit2wynit, this US market open gap and go play is insane Actually think this could work. My funds in the account are now little over £1000 already, how long should I play on the demo? Until £5k?
  20. Won't matter much anyway. As you see most of the tickers gapping up have more than 50k volume anyway. Just don't want to miss anything. As long as the scanner only spits out 10-20 tickers or so all good.