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  1. Hi @CharlotteIG I dont know if you have seen any of my messages above, but just to confirm that there has been no change in the situation and it has been three weeks since the issue was raised. Grateful if you could provide an update and advise how much longer this is going to take to resolve. Thanks
  2. Hi Charlotte, Still no change. Still unable to see market depth data for a number of stocks, one example being STEM. Is anyone looking into this? When is this likely to be resolved? Thanks.
  3. Hi Charlotte, There has been no change and i am still unable to see the market depth data for a number of shares, one example being STEM. When is this likely to be resolved? Thanks.
  4. Thanks, Charlotte. The situation has not changed - I am still unable to see the market depth data for STEM. I have checked my settings and believe i have L2 enabled. This is not the only stock.
  5. Can anyone help me understand why i am not seeing any market depth data for some shares? For example, the pic below is what i see for SThree plc (STEM) in my share dealing / isa account. I am seeing market depth for other shares, so it is just a case that there is no market in this share? I find this a bit strange given that it is listed on the main market. Is it some sort of bug in the trading platform?
  6. I think there was another post on this earlier. When i queried IG on this, they said that there was a problem with their broker. They didnt have an ETA on a fix. They suggested that if you have an order that you need to fill, then use the quote order instead.
  7. p.s. if you need an order filled in the meantime, they suggested using a quote order instead.
  8. When i queried IG about this, i got the message that there is a problem with their broker. There is no ETA on a fix.
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