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  1. In my share dealing (old UI see screenshot attached), I bought Microsoft stock multiple times at different prices. I would like to see detailed info on each of those single trades of the same stock. i.e. the 10 Microsoft stocks I bought at £200 on 12/05 are making profit X, the 31 Microsoft stocks I bought at £214 on 04/06 are making a loss of Z. Instead on the UI seems to me these info are aggregate into one single row, which only shows total number of shares (41) and total profit/loss. Is there a way to access on the UI (not via the pdf statements) that detailed information? If not, it would be possible to add this feature?
  2. In the first scenario (first screenshot), what would be the difference between: using a stop market sell order for 2500 at 180 (like in the screenshot) using a limit order for 2500 at 180
  3. I agree with @Greektraveller the fact that share dealing do not offer trailing stop is quite disappointing
  4. Hi @JamesIG any ETA for the new UI available to share dealing?
  5. Hi- my UI looks different than yours. I can't find any notifications section: but event if there was, having to go through all the notifications to find out the profits seems very 'uncomfortable'. I think IG should update it's UI and make this info simpler to access.
  6. Hi, my question was specifically regarding the UI. I don't see why I need to wait days before the pdf statement is available before I can get the profit information. As I mentioned already, I've looked in the UI in history under all the three sections Transaction/Past Activity/TradeHistory. There is no way to figure out the profit. I find this very frustrating. I've called many times IG support, and all the times the final conclusion was you have to wait for the pdf statement. Your answer seems to prove that there's no way to see that from the UI then. Very disappointing
  7. I'm struggling to figure out something that should be very simple. I've sold some US shares for a profit on my Share Dealing account about a week ago, which have already settled. I was expecting a sort of profit column somewhere in the UI that would tell me exactly what my profit is. There seems to be none. Also, it seems not even possible to calculate that info from the other columns exposed in the Transaction/Past Activity/TradeHistory view. Can anyone explain how to figure out the profit in the UI?
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