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  1. Hi Hutton, when you close a position your account is credit or debited with the profit/loss. Your margin used to keep the trade open is also returned to your account and can be used for another trade. Example: Account size 5.000£ Position:1£ Long FTSE100. The margin used for this position is 1.000£. I close the position for a profit of 100£. 100£ is credit to my account. Account is now worth 5100£ - happy days. IG then returns to you the 1000£ that you used as down payment to open the trade. You don't see the 1000£ credit or debited. This happens in the background. You can keep track of this by looking at the available margin in the trading platform. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/margin/what-is-margin
  2. Hi BK, you might want to create an account with IQFeed and subscribe to Eurex instead. You don't need to pay 4K for that, just subscribe and pay around 150 USD per month, cancel anytime. They provide 10 years of 1 minute bars for all paid accounts, 180 days of tick. You can download all the data to a csv using a freely available software without the need of any platform. Been with them for years, best quality of data you can get in my opinion.
  3. 1) No you are not refunded, you pay commission for the first 3 trades, after that you do not. Understand that when you say "US Trades" you mean buying and then selling shares via share dealing account, not spreadbet/CFD. 2) Not quite. You cannot open three trades at £1 per trade unless the stock you are buying is at 1£ or less. It's 30£ not 20£. 10£ commission each trade. Good luck
  4. I agree it is not very clear. I assume you would get 0 commissions starting from the 4th trade, i.e after you have placed 3 trades in the month and paid commissions on those. If you are trading stocks frequently I would recommend you look at different brokers such as Robinhood.
  5. PS: in case you don't know. You can test the platform for free before you subscribe via IG. Go to https://www.prorealtime.com/en/register, fill the form, and you are good to go. You will receive PRT Complete version with all features with a free end of day data feed. Good luck
  6. Hi Rob, yes VWAP is built-in, you also have access to VWAP Bands. I have attached a screenshot. Cheers
  7. If you have a trade journal, you can do some backtesting and see what you can do to improve results. For example, what would have happened if: Enter with reduced size and add when the trade turns a profit. (enter 50% of full position add 25% and 25% - 3 clips to full size) Take partial profits instead of closing profitable positions and leave the trailing stops to do the work. Take 50% off the table when you feel closing a winning position. If it keeps going, great, you make more money. If it turns back and hits the stop, you have covered some or all of the cost. Increase trailing stop distance Every trader/strategy is different, if you are getting into good trades, you might just need some finetuning, and that's unique to you. Good luck
  8. Hi Marcus, you can find that option in the dealing ticket window. From any chart click "Deal" to open the ticket. From there there is the option "Accept partial fill". Hope this helps
  9. Hi Manse, go to "My IG" > select "Settings" > From the left menu click"Rollovers". You should receive a confirmation email from the trading desk confirming the change in your account. All the best
  10. This is total BS, no offence. To trade futures you can start with as little as 500USD. When you are opening a futures trade account you are asked about your wealth and trading experience because of the leverage, based on that they can refuse to open an account with you because are deemed risky. Absolutely no business references because you open as an individual. When you are trading on the exchange you are trading "DMA" by nature and you dont pay any "broker spreads" instead you pay commissions. You would only pay the spread between the bid and ask if you buy or sell at market. The spread is usually the minimum tick price for that security to move, on the ES is 0.25.
  11. Prices are different because you never trade the underlying market. When trading the US500 with IG you are not trading the ES futures contracts; you are making a bet with IG based on the prices of a market "they make" that mirrors to some extents the ES. The data you see on the first screenshot is from the CME and shows the data of the current contract being traded (1). If you use ES-2 you would see the prices of the next contract in front, which trades at different prices. That data is proprietary of the CME exchange and costs 60 bucks per month for the E-mins only. To offer a spot price for that instrument IG does the following: 1) Get the data for the current contract 2) Get data for the next contract in front 3) Based on 1 and 2 they make a spot market usually between the two. You might want to use the data from the exchange if you can afford it because the data that is offered to you is misleading. Imagine going short at 2999 because you want to fade the even number 3000. In reality you might be going is shorting when the market is actually trading at 3009. This part is mentioned in the section "Conflict of Interest" in the contract you sign when join IG. Think about that Data from the exchange also comes with 10 levels of the orderbook, IG strip that data from what it offers to you as well.
  12. Hi eagle, Go to "My IG", select "Settings". On the left menu you should see "Dealing US Stocks (W-8BEN)". Complete the form and submit it.
  13. Check out E-Toro. https://www.etoro.com/copytrader/
  14. PS: I wrote some pseudo code for you. First create a variable with your EMA values, do the same for SMI. Rename "Ema" and "SMIindicator" accordingly. Ema[2]<Ema[1] and Ema[1]<Ema[0] and SMIindicator[0] <= 0 SMIindicator[2]<SMIindicator[1] and SMIindicator[1]<SMIindicator[0] You can access your indicator past values using YourIndicator[number of candle]. 0 is the current candle, 1 is the previous one and so on. Experiment with these numbers until you find what you need. Good luck
  15. Hi Phoenix, you have a better chance of finding your answer in the prorealcode forum than here. https://www.prorealcode.com/forums/ Good luck