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  1. Hi Goonsy, You can find this under "My IG", on the top of the screen you will see "Settings", click on that. From that page you can enable/disable Prorealtime for the accounts you have. See image below. All the best
  2. Hi Daph, By default the font in PRT is super small. You can change the text scaling under "Options" > "Template Options" > "Font".
  3. Hi IdeaMan, I give you the same advice I would give to a friend. Unless you know inside out the strategy the algorithm is executing don’t spend money on it. What you can do is find a strategy you like, with clearly defined stop loss and take profit for each trade and then either code it by yourself or hire a developer to code it for you. If you are with IG you can do algo trading via MT4 or ProRealtime. MT4 coding language is C-like unless you have a developer background it might be too much to understand. ProRealtime instead use a Visual basic language easy to understand. You can also create algorithms using the visual interface with no coding. Have a look at https://www.prorealcode.com/forum/prorealtime-english-forum/ if you are interested in that. As far as for the quality of the algorithms you see in MT4 shop there is no way to know because they are compiled and you cannot reverse engineer the code and have a look under the hood yourself. Do not fall for these so called EAs that show massive returns. These “backtests” used as marketing are run on algos with no stops and do not take into consideration the spread costs or overnight founding. Copy trading can be two different things: Your MT4 platform is connected to another MT4 and each trade is mirrored. You need to know the person and both have to do some configuration for this to work. If you go this way make sure they show you at least 1 year track record. You use a broker like eToro and you select from their platforms one or more traders to copy. The cool thing there is that you can actually see their performances and trades. Stats are backed by the broker itself so you know who you are assigning money to. You can also decide how much capital to assign to each trader you follow, kind of like creating a portfolio to diversify. https://www.etoro.com/copytrader/ All the best, Alex
  4. Hi Pete, can you try and go to any chart on the web platform, right click anywhere and select "show", from there you can click on "Open Positions" (shortcut P). Cheers, Alex
  5. You should consider trading currencies futures at the CME in Chicago. 1 contract of EUR/USD Ticker #6E goes for 500$ margin. 6$ per tick, 12$ per point profit. That's the same leverage I get with a professional spread betting account in the UK. If you have a smaller account they now have micros as well, the margin for those goes to 50$ per contract. https://ninjatrader.com/PDF/ninjatrader_futures_contract_details.pdf Futures also have tax benefits in the US (60/40 tax). All the best
  6. Hi Vision. That's the OANDA Open order indicator, it shows the aggregate positions and orders of OANDA clients I.e. client sentiment. It is as useless as it can get because does not show the liquidity of the underlying market you are trading, instead it's showing where Oanda clients are positioned. The market moves based on the underlying market liquidity not based on oanda's client trades. https://www.oanda.com/uk-en/trading/platforms/metatrader-4/ You can only get access to real Depth of Market if you pay a data provider (IQFeed/ Rithmic, DxFeed etc) and subscribe to the exchange where your product is trading and that's why I left that message. IG offers real depth of market for CFD trading via L2 Dealer app, you can also place trade using the ladder but you have to be a professional client to use it. All the best
  7. Happened to me back to back for a couple of days in February 2019. I sent the video recording of this happening on a live trade and they looked into it. The trading services team after few days got back to me with the following email The email above is dated 12 February 2019, well over a year ago 😐
  8. Hi Mondrian, just in case you don't know. There are audio notifications for entries and stops in Prorealtime. Female or Male default voices say stuff like "Buy at market executed" for stops/targets it says "Sell/Buy Limit executed, exit with {Gains/Loss}". You can also use your own audio files. Hope this helps. PS: This is a great idea and would be cool to see it implemented in the web platform.
  9. My IG -> Settings -> Dealing US Stocks (W8-8BEN)
  10. If you are asking about level 2/DOM and spread betting you might have no clue about what spread betting actually is.
  11. Hi Hutton, when you close a position your account is credit or debited with the profit/loss. Your margin used to keep the trade open is also returned to your account and can be used for another trade. Example: Account size 5.000£ Position:1£ Long FTSE100. The margin used for this position is 1.000£. I close the position for a profit of 100£. 100£ is credit to my account. Account is now worth 5100£ - happy days. IG then returns to you the 1000£ that you used as down payment to open the trade. You don't see the 1000£ credit or debited. This happens in the background. You can keep track of this by looking at the available margin in the trading platform. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/margin/what-is-margin
  12. Hi BK, you might want to create an account with IQFeed and subscribe to Eurex instead. You don't need to pay 4K for that, just subscribe and pay around 150 USD per month, cancel anytime. They provide 10 years of 1 minute bars for all paid accounts, 180 days of tick. You can download all the data to a csv using a freely available software without the need of any platform. Been with them for years, best quality of data you can get in my opinion.
  13. 1) No you are not refunded, you pay commission for the first 3 trades, after that you do not. Understand that when you say "US Trades" you mean buying and then selling shares via share dealing account, not spreadbet/CFD. 2) Not quite. You cannot open three trades at £1 per trade unless the stock you are buying is at 1£ or less. It's 30£ not 20£. 10£ commission each trade. Good luck
  14. I agree it is not very clear. I assume you would get 0 commissions starting from the 4th trade, i.e after you have placed 3 trades in the month and paid commissions on those. If you are trading stocks frequently I would recommend you look at different brokers such as Robinhood.
  15. PS: in case you don't know. You can test the platform for free before you subscribe via IG. Go to https://www.prorealtime.com/en/register, fill the form, and you are good to go. You will receive PRT Complete version with all features with a free end of day data feed. Good luck