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  1. Yes! Do the opposite.....for petes sake!
  2. Too right Caseynotes.... Trends are your friend......stick long when you wrote this and you would be up! Bet you would still be long and up end of this week? Dan
  3. Ok...Guess you have seen the below...This relates to the dax...but dont forget 76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading Client sentiment 29% of IG client accounts with open positions in this market expect the price to rise 71% of IG client accounts with open positions in this market expect the price to fall 501 + IG client accounts have open positions in this market
  4. Yes...humbly.....having read many posts here.....Ignore it all.... Rampers....de..rampers...all with their own agenda. Its good fun and some posters I really enjoy reading,clearly they have real knowledge of what happening....however its all about the price...and trend... All these posters with their charts and fibs....and stoch...and nypad....sentiment rules...and its quite fickle... GLA ....
  5. That was supposed to be a :)...
  6. “Nothing can stop America when you get right down to it,” Buffett said. “I will bet on America the rest of my life.” Says the Old Codger. Given that he's 89 that doesn't give America much longer I did think something similar myself ....but didnt have the nerve to say it...quite like that
  7. Oh...and dont over trade....its easy done....bit like multiple posts....
  8. In my humble opinion, choose your entry times carefully. I mainly trade indices, wall st, dow etc. Trading these do not even try and enter a trade at the start 8.00 here and 2.30 usa. On the 24 hour markets there is often opportunities at 5 ish in the morning (if you can get up) after the far east closes. You can often map out where its going. Otherwise, look after 9 generally for the tend. As ever have a plan and stick to it...stop loss wise.... What could possibly go wrong!? Dan
  9. Yes its far easier trading the demo account! They dont include all those extras! Harsh if you are new to ig? No fee generally, on cfds, however the spread can be...lets say.....suspect! Dan
  10. Bluebird, great contribution.... However its hardly going to help...is it?
  11. One last thing....trade, trade ,trade....do not enter a position and hope the price will go in your direction...thats gambling....analyse, most of all let the trend be your friend...corny i know...but it works.....
  12. excellent advice above....I guess at least you diversified! Panic not....I have lost lots more and traded it back... Cut losses, dust your self down, do not trade when you are angry/emotional you will only find disaster. Learn what it is you did wrong....dis associate yourself from your trading account to your personal one...they must be separate....do not take your losses home with you in to your personal life..... Er...the darkest hour is before dawn! Take a breath....feel your pain...hang on in there....
  13. Yes up 3.6% today, but 'a rising tide lifts all boats' In any event imho be careful being short here, the failed merger was a good thing, fundamentals behind the housing market are good, low interest rates are also good for the resi market. Plus they have a large % of income from lettings, their franchisee' s and of course the survey dept. Income will take a hit but it will bounce... Countrywide up 12% today looks a lot better shorting target....they were already struggling before this.... Good luck
  14. or do ig do this to limit their exposure? either way it is irritating....
  15. yes and its come back with a 7 point spread instead of 2 it was trading with earlier......odd....
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