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  1. Another thought, check the stop distance if you specify one for TP or SL, the minimum for some contracts has changed since ESMA
  2. eurusd relatively resent floor (Dec 2016-Jan 2017) was 1.04, it certainly has a way to go, fuelled by a sell off of other assets. The counterweight to that are the rumors of ditching usd for payments by some countries due to sanctions (plus signs like russia off-loaded its $90b UST stash this year), so it works both ways.
  3. Thanks, Casey. I think that is too 'advanced' - a margin calc for hedged positions ? and might be a real drag on timing while you calculate and make a decision Besides, for working with EA, such a calc needs to be scripted into the EA to consider in advance and advise as such, in line with selected money management strategy. Though, it is not a big deal if your terminal provides the correct 1 lot required margin, hedged margin %, and your current equity.
  4. Hey MT4 gurus, is it only my terminal (LIVE and Demo) shows my spread-bet account leverage as 200 and MARGINREQUIRED returns pre-ESMA value? e.g. EURUSD(£) 1 lot = £1 per 0.00010 move - margin 5.8 However, placing a £1 bet gets AccountMargin() a 'proper' value. How to fix it so that my EA can calculate it correctly? or do I need to do a complex math with relations for spread-bet of 0.45% requirement in 1:200, to 3.33% in the new 1:30 leverage. 3.33% of what then, if it is a bet? Thank you in advance for clarifying.