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  1. I'm having the same annoying issue. "I've the same problem, I receive these annoying alerts every time a certain market is up/down by a certain %" I have raised a ticket with IG. NO SOLUTION at the moment. Standby
  2. I'm having the issue with IG 'Pro Real Time' application and online IG trading platform. This issue has more to do with software cache! People are losing money. There are numerous accounts of posts being made regarding Not able to amend/move the limit and stop on open positions Not able to close positions (usually when i'm in profit) Showing I have an open position but wont let me close or amend it (usually when i'm in profit) Showing I don't have any positions open yet my Profit/Loss is fluctuating as though I do. It would be great if IG representative wo
  3. This is happening to me as well! IG any response?
  4. Sorry to say this mate. I've had my concerns with IG business model over the last year. IG = The House (their rules). We are the punters shall I say suckers.
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