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  1. Hi , thanks for your post. If you'd like to change the base currency of your account, you'll just need to contact our helpdesk. They'll confirm you don't have any open positions and that if you have a balance, you're happy for it to be converted at the spot rate plus 0.3%. Thank you, Hannah
  2. Hello , thanks for your post and apologies for the delay in responding. Thanks to for providing the criteria required to become an elective professional with us. I would like to reassure you ( ) that we are not looking to obtain details of your trading accounts elsewhere for any insalubrious reasons, but rather just to confirm that your previous trading volume and sizes meet the required criteria. Any evidence you provide us will be used purely to verify this, and not stored for other reasons. We appreciate that the professional account type will not be accessible to all clients
  3. Hi again , thanks for your suggestions and feedback - these are good ideas! We are always trying to make improvements and add to our existing features and information, so I will log this with our website team. If you are looking for more detailed trade and order volumes, have you considered using our more advanced L2 dealing platform? If not, you can read more about it here. Thank you, Hannah
  4. Hi , That's right, the Stop - GTC order type provides the functionality many clients are looking for, however is not applicable to all international stocks, so is slightly restricted. Thanks, Hannah
  5. Hi , Yes, you would be able to switch back to a retail account by letting us know in writing. We'd then reclassify your account and any differences to margin/leverage etc would be applied. Thanks, Hannah
  6. Hi , thanks for your post. I wanted to make sure you've seen the original thread with regard to stop losses on share dealing accounts: read it here. We offer a GTC stop order type, which acts as a stop loss level, for UK stocks. Our own broker do not have the functionality to add a contingent stop loss or limit to a non-leveraged trade, hence we do not have this by default on our platform. You can of course always enter a stop or limit sell order to execute at your desired level, but for international stocks you would need to place this each day. With regard to the research and i
  7. Hi , sorry to hear you're having chart issues. As mentioned, this is symptomatic of ongoing Telstra problems affecting some clients and users, however if you'd like our technical support team to take a closer look, please do contact them! Thanks, Hannah
  8. Hi , thanks for your post and welcome! If you are trading options, the deposit on the position will depend on whether you are buying or selling the option. If you are buying an option - either a call or a put - then this is essentially a limited risk trade, and your margin is the maximum you could lose. If you are selling an option, this is margined in the same way as if you were selling the underlying. Either way, your margin (deposit) is held aside while the trade is running, and released once the trade is closed in your favour. For equity options, you just need to call our dealin
  9. Hello all, I'm not a prop leveraged trader myself, though I do have some long-term investments - including an IG Smart Portfolio - and some cryptocurrency to my name! I have a keen interest in tracking how markets react to geopolitical events, as well as following economic and corporate announcements and news in general. Hearing different traders' strategies and outlook on the markets is also very interesting. I'm here to support your journey at IG and get you talking to each other about the markets and how you all use our different platforms. Please don't be shy in starting a discuss
  10. Hi , thanks for the post and welcome! If you are trading shares on a spread betting account, you should still see a slight difference between the buy and sell prices when the underlying market is open. Our spreads are as low as possible, and are calculated as a percentage premium. Full details for share spreads can be found on our website here. Perhaps you were looking at prices when the underlying market has been closed? It's a good idea to do a few practice trades on your demo account so you can really get a feel for where your trade is executed and the movement between the buy an
  11. Hi and , sorry to hear you've been having technical difficulties! If you can't find the answer on here, please do get in touch with our technical helpdesk as they'll have a lot of things they can try to resolve the issue for you! They are available on +61 (3) 9860 1729 or helpdesk.au@ig.com, so please do get in touch when you can. Hope it gets sorted! Thanks, Hannah
  12. Hi , sorry to hear you were affected by the silver flash crash recently. I know this was a significant surprise for a number of our clients - and of course across the industry - and we have done our best to amend the low levels as per the subsequent CME corrections, so you should have seen corrections to your ledger. If you'd like us to take another look at your account, or discuss it again at all, please do get in touch with the helpdesk by phone, email or live chat, and we'd be more than happy to help. I appreciate that this resulted in large losses for some clients, but we do need
  13. Hi again , I appreciate your comment about the justification for charging phone commission in such circumstances, thanks for your feedback here. The issue is, as an exchange re-listing like this is out of our control, we ourselves do suffer from the increase in broker charges for executing any trade unfortunately! We'd always be happy to look at trades on a case-by-case basis though, so please do contact the helpdesk when you're looking to trade and they can take a look for you. Thanks again, Hannah
  14. Hello again , Our equities desk have now confirmed that SoftBank Corp has ceased trading on XETRA and now trades on a Frankfurt exchange which we do not offer on the platform, hence why it has switched to being offline. If you'd like to trade out of your position, please do call the dealing desk on 0207 896 0000 so a dealer can do so for you, but please note that there would be a phone commission charge to cover the very manual process involved for us to trade on this exchange. I hope this answers your question, and apologies for any confusion caused. Do let me know if there is anyth
  15. Hi , thanks for the post and apologies you are having trouble with the particular listing in your portfolio. I have contacted our equities desk and corporate actions team to see if they can shed some light on this and resolve it. I'm aware there has been an intermittent pricing issue on XETRA stocks today, but am waiting for a full answer and will revert as soon as I can! Thanks for your patience, and for your input. Hannah
  16. Hello all, I just wanted to offer some clarity on the points raised in this post. Firstly, there was no intention of surprising or tricking clients with the new minimum card deposits on our side - it's really not in our interest to do so and we will always carefully consider how best to communicate and implement any changes like this. I'd welcome any feedback on how you feel we could improve this process of course. One of the main changes, do remember, is that credit card and PayPal payments are now free of charge for depositing funds into your account, something we hope will improve
  17. Hello again all, I just wanted to pass on our apologies again for the technical issues experienced over the course of Friday and this morning. We treat any sort of technical problem as high priority, as of course it is in our best interests to have the platform fully functional for you our clients. We're also more than happy to acknowledge any issues which arise, and the reason we mentioned the ISPs' involvement was due to testing indicating that the issue lay with streaming over certain networks. We're confident everything is up and running again fully now, but please always get in
  18. Hello all, thank you for posting on here and apologies that this technical issue is ongoing. We're investigating the root cause of the issue as a priority, and it does seem to be linked to Sky, TalkTalk, Hyperoptics and O2 customers. The live streaming is the main area affected on the IG platform, as reported. Short term fixes while we resolve this with the ISPs are to log in on your mobile 4G/3G rather than Wifi, as the data should stream fine if you have a good connection. You can also call our dealing line (0207 896 0000) for any live quotes and trades, although please do bear wit
  19. Hi , thanks for your post, and for your patience regarding this functionality. I've been liaising with our equities desk and am pleased to advise that we can now offer Stop-GTC orders for main session US stocks, as of Monday. You should see this order type when you log in and open a deal ticket on a US equity, so I do hope this enhances your trading experience with our platform! Any questions please do ask. Thanks! Hannah
  20. Hi and , thanks for the posts and welcome! Please do check out the Education section of our main website here which should provide you with a lot of information (guides, videos etc) to get you up and running with trading on our platform. We also have a whole host of threads within this Community already with discussion and information on trading how-to and strategies - just type in a key word to get started. Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing more from you on here! Thanks, Hannah
  21. Hi again Casey, Appreciate your feedback as always, and I believe one of our technical team will be in touch in due course to discuss further. Thanks, Hannah
  22. Hi , thanks for your post. Firstly, I just want to reassure you that we are not looking to discontinue ProRealtime charts in tandem with our own platform; if anything we will be working to improve the duality between the two, and our technical support team would be happy to discuss this with you further if you'd like! With regard to the free access, we have indeed reviewed our free offering of the advanced charting package. We ourselves are billed by IT Finance for the use of ProRealtime, and a business decision has been made meaning we are not able to offer the free monthly access to
  23. Hi again , thanks for getting back to me! That's definitely a fair suggestion, and I will pass your feedback to the platform team so they can look to improve the guaranteed stop information for you all. Thanks again, Hannah
  24. Hi , thanks for the post and sorry to hear you've struggled to find some information you need. Without knowing exactly which FX pair you are looking to trade, I can't confirm for sure why you are failing to place the order, but it is likely due to not adhering to the guaranteed stop spacing for multiple positions or certain values. For example, if you are trading USD/JPY with a guaranteed stop, we can only guarantee JPY 10,000 per point for each stop level, which is the equivalent of around $90, or £70. Therefore, your first trade of £32/point is within this limit, but once you add an
  25. Hi , thanks for the post and welcome! Are you looking for pointers on how to use the platform? Or to trading in general? Either way you can find a number of guides, tutorials and videos on the Education section of our website here. You can also search this Community for key words to see if there is an existing thread discussing a subject matter of interest for you. Practising with our demo platform is a really good way of familiarising yourself with the functionality and products on offer - you can either access this within the My IG dashboard if you already have an account, or by s
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