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  1. Please can we have an update on rectifying the problems with the P&L history statements. This problem has persisted for about 10 days now and was apparently being investigated as a priority by the incident team! Positions closed earlier than 18th September cannot be seen. The funding for closed positions is incorrect. The closing total for each position is incorrect. The funding still increases each day, despite the fact that positions have been closed some time ago!! Accurate P&L accounts are a fundamental requirement. I simply cannot trust the data being presented on the screen at the moment. This is very poor customer service by IG.
  2. This issue with the trading statements has still not been resolved after nearly 10 days. Very disappointed with the service provided by IG.
  3. Unfortunately this problem has persisted for a week. In my case it is also not possible to see trades older than 18 September 2017.