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  1. Thanks for that picture, but my menu is different. Maybe that's why they don't show up.
  2. Hi, I was looking for a menu with options. I remember there is/was one, but simply can't find it. Please help, thank you :-)
  3. Hi James, thanks a lot for these details. If I understood this correctly, it means all shares are "dealing", right? Because CFDs are mostly about Forex or commodities, not shares. But I am 99% sure about this, not 100% so let's say you choose Microsoft, or Coca-Cola, for example. You buy shares, you own them; correct? And it there a ticker/sign/mark/whatever, to tell you when you select a share if it's 'dealing' or 'leverage'(contract)?
  4. Hi guys, One basic question: when you buy a share (for any company, in US, Canada or Europe) you buy a real share (and you own it)? Or do you buy "on leverage" without owning (like in forex)? For example, if I buy Amazon or Apple or Coca-Cola, will i own those share and be entitled to have dividends? Thanks a lot!
  5. Thank you, that's clear now. That means it's basically irrelevant which one you buy, as long as it's one company. The only thing to consider is the FX rate if you buy Apple in Eur, as you say, I guess. One more: when you click to buy let's say Apple, you actually buy a share or a CFD?
  6. Hi, What's the difference between two tickers of the same company? For example, there's Kinross Gold Corp (CA) and Kinross Gold Corp. "CA" stand for Canada, or California, or what? And is it the same company, not two separate ones, right? If so, which is the main one? Thank you!
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