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  1. What is the minimum period i need to be on IG trading to withdraw to my desired account or card. I faced an issue where the source of my transfer was from my Bank transfer, Visa card and master card tranafers. The sales peraon was so annoying and could not able to exolain why they cannot return the money to my bank which was the source instead they only prefer only wants to return to Visa card though first source of fund was Bank transfer, they keep insisting to transcer back to Visa card even after requesting multiple times. Strangely they write in a email stating that after while i can withdraw funds to my desired account, but what is after while,no one wants to answer. Ita just ao annoying that i am just planning exit IG and start trading on other platforms. If any one has similar experience pls share and if possible pls answer what is the minimum peiod IG consider people to be trustworthy to be transfered to their desired, their own money. Thank you,
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