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  1. Have read the instructions but am unable to work out how to code the following: BUY Signal to appear when: EMA has 2 consecutive increases and Stock Momentum Index (SMI) is less than 0 and the SMI has 2 consecutive increases (eg: -30 then -28 then -25) . Just using the standard default indicators that are in PRT. Really grateful if anyone can assist please
  2. Hi David. I didn't express myself clearly. I was asking what time frame you trade i.e. 10/20/30 min or like me much smaller times like 3 and 1 minute. I only trade the open at 10am but would be interested to hear how you go in the Pre-open session from 8am. Best regards, Jim.
  3. Good Morning David, What time frame are you trying to trade the ASX200? Jim
  4. Hi Zero, I have been looking for someone else who trades the ASX200. I stumbled on your thread this morning. I am not much good at blogging but I have been trading Futures and Forex for years. Now my temperament is better suited to the first 2 hours of the ASX200 and FTSE where I basically scalp and don't hold long term. Have my charts set up for the Open now and will be ready for the FTSE at 5pm. If you feel there is a common interest , let me know. Regards. Jim
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