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  1. So, the 3970X may be OTT but as i’m in a position to buy either, i’m wondering if, from a trading perspective, would a 3970X with 32 cores be better than the 3950X with 16 cores. The latter supported by 64GB, and the former 128GB, both 3200 RAM. They’ll also have a PCIe 4.0 SSD. I’m looking at the AMD’s as they are cheaper and perform better on multi-cores compared to Intel equivalents. As mentioned, price is nay bother but i’m wondering if trading would utilise all 32 cores with multiple charts and other trading software running simultaneously. Any experience, thoughts be appreciated.
  2. BTW, does anyone have experience with dukascopy? They offer binary options for UK clients, requires £1000 deposit but seem legit.
  3. Hi Guys, I came across a provider called Alpari, they offer binary options and to UK clients. Has anyone used them and are the good? Thanks