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  1. Started having issue with IG in Firefox, logs in fine then eventually falls over and won't allow me to even access the home page afterwards.  IG says I need to use Chrome as it is more stable but this is bocked via our IT company.  Any thoughts as to why Firefox is not happy and struggle to see why IG can't get the platform to work correctly in Firefox?

  2. Does IG Blog/Post about what its Road Map is for the development and enhancement of the current offering.  Would be good to know what is being worked on, what is being reviewed and what inst being looked at?


  3. When can we get Trailing Stop Losses on the new ISA Platform.  It is crazy that these don't exist other than with Barclays.  In relation to the coding then I cannot imagine it would be hard to incorporate as it is exactly the same as a standard stop-loss with the only difference being that it trails at a chosen set price.

  4. On 28/05/2019 at 09:32, JamesIG said:

    Unfortunately the only answer i can give on this is that we're working on. We have no ETA at this time. 

    Sounds like a stalling tactic JamesIG, the ISA and Share Dealing sites are rough, old and not fun to use.  You need to get it transferred in the same stye as the SB account.  I do wonder if there is anything happening at all on the ISA/Share dealing side given that its such a small part of the IG Business?

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  5. On 31/12/2018 at 11:30, JamesIG said:

    This is definitely coming and is one of our approved projects, however I don't have a specific date or delivery schedule. We are building the share dealing platform from the ground up, based on the new web trading platform structure, but specifically for the most optimum share dealing experience. 

    Thanks JamesIG, quick question when you say you're "building the share share platform from the ground up" can you confirm if IG have actually started the build or is still in the planning phase.