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  1. Yeah its a pity, I've had this happen to quite a few picks now and many have taken off with me watching from the sidelines. Looks like I need to find another option for these.
  2. Hi, Recently opened a demo account and I've had this problem a few times now. Trying to place a Buy order I get an Order Rejected prompt but no information as to why it was rejected. Did a quick forum search and it seems other have had this issue but I can't find a solution. For reference this was on SNG (Synairgen) if this helps answer why it wouldn't go through. Cheers, Stu
  3. Hi, Recently opened a demo trading account to try and get a feel for the platform and try out some trading ideas before risking real money. I have a question about orders being rejected but I'll put that in another thread unless this is the place to do it? Cheers Stu
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