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  1. @TrendFollower the range is still holding strong and yesterdays candlestick shows that the bulls won the battle, so lets see if this is the start of the break out of the range on the upward side!
  2. Hi All, Still a newby to trading crypto, hold a position in Bitcoin at the moment. It has been trading in a tighter ranger forming a flag. With reducing range, reducing volume and volatility in the global markets I felt it was the right time to get some experience. Keen to get others thoughts on this as a trade. Cheers and happy hunting
  3. @jameswalker1 my recommendation is trade the demo account to get a better understanding of the costs associated. I traded demo for nearly 2 years before placing my first real trade. It will save you in the long run to get a better understanding of the costs involved.
  4. @jameswalker1 and to add to TrendFollower, it is likely you will run out of cash fairly quickly as placing the trade would cost you (I think it is 15USD) and then you will also likely be charged daily interest for those assets
  5. @TrendFollower NatGas also appears to be hovering waiting for the market to move
  6. For those that care, the Saudi energy minister is scheduled to hold a press conference later today to provide details on the plant. This will be the first formal statement. Sources are reporting that the damage was worse than initial suspected, and the expectation is that half of the lost production will remain offline for weeks to months. Using the guidance provided by Goldman and shared by @Caseynotes, we could potentially be seeing $70 - $75.
  7. @TrendFollower slight pullback but still holding strong as waiting for US markets to come online.
  8. @TrendFollower I'm with you on this one, I think the market has been very focused on the movement of oil but have forgotten that this will also affect NG. I'm also prepped for Defense stocks as Trump has flexed his muscles, and the US is a large supplier of defense to KSA.
  9. Hope everyone else had better luck with this trade, placed a LONG order on opening price at around 60USD, but the gap up opened me at 69.10, rised but not enough to hit my limit and then the market obviously recoiled and closed me out at 66.06
  10. @gjhart my reading from the website is that it should kick off in about 30minutes. but haven't found any clear details on the start of the commodities week
  11. @Caseynotes "Riyadh has built five giant underground storage facilities in various parts of the country that can hold tens of millions of barrels of various refined petroleum products, to be tapped during times of crisis." The real play may be Natural Gas: "Prince Abdulaziz said Saturday's explosions also halted supplies of some two billion cubic feet of associated gas -- which is extracted along with the crude. "As a result, ethane and LNG supplies will shrink by 50 percent," said the minister, adding that domestic supplies of fuel, electricity and water had not been affected." Ref: https://www.arabianbusiness.com/energy/428041-saudi-arabia-to-tap-oil-reserves-after-drone-strikes
  12. @Caseynotes I think they said the supply would return to normal by Tuesday due to the massive stock piles of oil on reserve in other parts of KSA and other countries (they have locations in Europe, Egypt and Asia). So they expect that the supply of oil should be unaffected, but that all depends on how quickly they can get the plant back up running and how long the stock piles will last. Certainly would expect fear to cause some level of jump on opening, I think the KSA ministry are scheduled to report on the status of the plant on Monday, so I would keep both eyes on that report as that would probably be the indicator of sustained increased of the price or a return to current prices.
  13. Any thoughts on why Orange Juice is plummeting, I would have thought that Hurricane Dorian threatens the supply of oranges (FL produces nearly 70% of US oranges).
  14. Hi All, Why do we get this notification if I try to open a short on a stock prior to market open? Cheers
  15. @dmedin It is looking good and I still feel like GE haven't taken enough steps to deal with the allegations i.e. send their lawyers after the accuser. There seems to be a lot of directors of GE going on air trying to convince investors that all is OK, but the investors seem to be becoming more and more concerned. The CEOs purchase of shares gave it a slight sugar rush but that seems to be wearing off.