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  1. Hi All I am short LVMH, just noticed there is a red hammer alongside my trade and it says "Auction". I am familiar with the orange phone that means we need to call IG to trade, but does anyone know what the Auction symbol means? Thanks in advance!
  2. @cryptotrader much better, taken me into the black now so looking forward to opening
  3. @JamesIG P&L should only really be 14-20USD Total P&L for all trade seems to be correct
  4. The P&L is incorrect on the online trading platform. Seems to be a serious error
  5. @nit2wynit sorry, just topped on my coffee so firing on all cylinders again. I trade on the IG web based platform, my strategy is 80 % fundamental now so I dont really need fancy charts with lots of gadgets. Check out a youtube channel called Dumb Money, a guy by the name of Chris Camillo is one of the contributors. Not saying they are the path to righteousness, but the way they approach investing is really thought provoking.
  6. This seems to have got completely sidetracked... Honestly, there is clearly a cause for frustration when trading and investing on the stock market. Many lose money, but it is still the best tool to make significant amount of capital. The issue is people think it is easy money, if it was everyone would be doing it. I just hope that out there there are the 10% that are making money and make enough in order to live off of that amount!
  7. @nit2wynit I dont really use market screeners etc I used to try trading every day, opening and closing positions. I found I would have some success and then lots of losses. I focus more on trend analysis and trying to get into a trend before it moves. An example is I am long Amazon and Walt Disney. Both were down for the last week or so, but are slowly moving up towards my opening position. I am Long on Amazon as I suspect that as we head towards Black Friday sales and Christmas they will be having a large increase in sales. These should only be reflected in their 2020 Earnings, but it is better to get in now while the institutions are waiting other factor. Walt Disney is a similar play, later this year they will be coming out with Frozen 2 (never seen Frozen 1 but have heard enough to make me believe this will be a hit in December), and the final episode of the StarWars series. They are also launching their streaming later this year, and I believe the winner of the streaming wars will be the one with the best content, Disney clearly ahead of the pack already. Also shorted GBP/USD last week, again this is with the view that as Brexit continues to plod along and a stronger dollar will likely impact this currency the most. Thats just my 2 cents.
  8. @Caseynotes also just taking the time to learn, most people just want to jump right in. Trading on demo for an extended period allows exposure to the markets with no risk. the obvious downfall of this is with no risk there is the chance of paralysis by analysis. I stuck to demo for almost 2 years and felt it was time to put experience to practice on a small size account, with the aim of adding to the size with monthly contributions that wont bankrupt me.
  9. @Caseynotes forums are the perfect place for Catfish... I guess all I am dying to see is someone post a comment saying "Hi there, yes, I trade for a living and make my annual income predominantly from trading and investing". I guess that comment in itself in the Holy Grail... probably out there but unlikely to be found 😄
  10. @DSchenk I think @TrendFollower has a point though, how would you define that one is better than the other? On their win rate, percentage profit every year or actual annual profit value. A trader that makes 30% profit off of a 10,000 account would surely rather be making 10% off of a 100,000 account? My goal is to slowly but surely build my account size so that someday I can live off of the 10% annual profit, with hopefully lower risk and much lower time input (extra time = more fishing time!)
  11. Hi All, Just curious, with over 48,000 members on the IG community forum, are there any traders out there that trade for a living i.e. primary source of income. Obviously this is the dream of most traders, but just interested to know if any of the community are living the dream. Cheers
  12. Hi All, Still a newby to trading crypto, hold a position in Bitcoin at the moment. It has been trading in a tighter ranger forming a flag. With reducing range, reducing volume and volatility in the global markets I felt it was the right time to get some experience. Keen to get others thoughts on this as a trade. Cheers and happy hunting
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