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  1. Thanks @JamesIG For orders, have the news feed.
  2. Hi @JamesIG Any idea whether it's possible to add a tape ticker on the web platform? Cheers
  3. AbDXB1345


    Its not having any of it, I am in Demo CFD so perhaps this is where it's going wrong?
  4. AbDXB1345


    Maybe I am daft but I cant find Boeing on the IG platform?
  5. It's taken me over a year of demo account trading to "perfect" a strategy that is proving profitable on a weekly basis... I'm in this for the long run, so really no rush to get into the markets, but I think I am just about ready to enter the "real world". One of the major lessons I learnt over the year (beyond what has already been mentioned above), PATIENCE! Literally sitting watching the ticker for the right time to enter the trade has been key, you may miss a trade or two, but in the long run its pays to see confirmation in trend before taking on the risk. Oh, and when I say a year, I mean literally every day of the week for a minimum of 2 hours (excluding videos on yourtube, audio books, reading about trading etc).
  6. @Caseynotes and @TrendFollower I was pondering the Volume indicator on IGs platform, I assume this is this based on volume of CFD contracts/shares and not a reflection of the market? This seems to be the case with commodities, but when I see the volume of millions of shares I wonder if it is in fact based on the market?
  7. All just completely off whack, showing Hong Kong 50 down 9.5%. I thought the world was ending when I logged on!
  8. Hi IG, There appear to be some issues with the Indices on the Demo account. Cheers
  9. @JamesIG thanks for clarifying! Sounds like good business to me, whats the price per share for IG
  10. Just to add to this, I was under the impression that IG do not take opposite positions from our trades, instead they simply broker them? A slight concern is that if IG are taking the position in the opposite direction, and they control the software... there clearly would be a high level of conflict of interest. Maybe @JamesIG can elaborate a bit on this?
  11. Thanks @TrendFollower and @Caseynotes I have a trading strategy in place that is proving to be good for me in the demo, it relies on momentum and diverging moving averages. I'm never looking for the 20% profits, more so looking for consistency and the ability to reach a target daily/weekly $ profit rate. Thanks again for all your advice on the forum
  12. HI All Just want to give a quick shout out to @Caseynotes and @TrendFollower, after some suggestions on reading materials and research I have managed to develop a trading strategy that seems to be working for me on a higher probability level than what I was doing before. I am still very much trading on Demo but am confident enough to start my "migration" to the real world! I thought a good topic to discuss (and I tried to find a thread with this info already) is a discussion around the trading desk setups that some of our more experienced traders are using. This is purely from a beginners perspective as I appreciate the setup and costs can be as unlimited as one likes. I am currently trading on the IG online platform, I really like it due to its simplicity but it obviously has a number of limitations too. The real items I would like to discuss here is the hardware setups that traders are using or find an absolute must. Laptop vs desktop If Laptop/desktop, what brand or model Additional screens Printer White board etc As I mentioned above I am currently trading using the IG online platform and it works well, save that it can be jumpy if my laptop starts to catch a speed wobble (HP so nothing fancy). Also if I start operating multiple screens, would I need to open multiple windows of the trading platform and would this work? These are the questions I am currently having. Cheers to all!
  13. There seems to be an issue with the Demo trading system, its 50 minutes into the marketing and all of the shares seem to be inactive. I've tried logging out and back in a refreshing my browser with no luck.