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  1. i wouldn't complicate it, do one or the other. "Know" where gold is going and trade it fluctuations in GBPUSD wont make great difference in short term. I use ETF goldx3 leverage (Boost Gold 3x Leverage Daily ETP), however be warned, if you keep trades on for long time "fees" will eat into it, try and get in out on max weekly basis, have targets and get out, know your entry points, remember "well bought is half sold"! Also remember, ETFs subject to trading hours and closed on US holidays, can be a bit scary if you forget.. You can do this in a SIPP or an ISA, that will give you
  2. same applies on android MT4 "re quoted" message, but will not let you accept, complete bull.....
  3. same problem, have email IG with no reply. most concerned regarding lack of reliability. i have used IG platform for years, this is only a problem today but I NEED RELIABILITY. If not resolved soon will take my business elsewhere.
  4. i have same problem, never had it before. seems can place limit order which i dont do, but no straight execution. (Gold/XAUUSD) market shown as open, no problem with connection status. most frustrating.
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