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  1. Seem to have noticed that the minimum bet sizes have been lowered on some major indices? Great news if this is the case. Is this just on the indices? Any details? Regards
  2. Hello, Want to see all the profit and losses in one big list over a certain time period when using the app? Is this possible? Regards
  3. Hello, I noticed that the level of intraday volume on IG's standard platform is different from other sites so how representive is the volume compared to the market as a whole? Is IG's volume made up of just CFD's or the whole market? Cheers
  4. Seems strange but it's almost like many individual shares will be less risky than indices for bets of a certain size, once the margin rules change for spread bets at least? Can you place smaller bets on CFD indices or do the work out the same as SB's ? Cheers