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  1. IG Tech support PLEASE RESPOND Here we are then almost 8 WEEKS on and the issues with charts in L2 Dealer are still here. CV-19 or not this is **** service. You've found time to rewrite the software so that the application looks as though it was designed by fisher price but still not bothered to fix the issue with charts or bother to explain why you cant
  2. The problem is back. And tech support have still not responded to my enquiry froim 2 days ago
  3. Mine appear to be working fine now. But I dont see why tech support cant be bothered to respond to my message or post to this forum. Makes it pointless other than to check whether or not it's your own pc that's gone wonky
  4. I'm also having this problem. Enquiries to support have previously resulted in pointle3ss tinkering with settings in google chrome. I note that there has been no response from them to this thread which is pretty poor