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  1. Maybe i could do a separate trade idea? Pick a market and it may explain it better?
  2. But that's what I'm saying. I'm not saying "lets use options", im saying "look - you can use a daily option for intraday trading, and gear it specifically to act like a regular spread bet, but reduce your margin by 70%" or whatever. There are loads of reasons to use options for the benefits they offer, but if you're going to trade instraday on FX or indices then there is no reason what-so-ever to not use this. FTSE spread bet margin - £370 FTSE daily option margin - £190 (given the top example i said) Also in regards to what you said about the market moving against you. On the option if the market tanked the option effective max loss DOESNT act as a stop. If the market was to come back then it would be profitable again. The regular spread bet however would be stopped out. Like it says here https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading/daily-options
  3. yes good spot. this isn't for the long trade, but would be great for 'intraday' trading. Or trading over announcements or key macro events. also true. there seems to be about 30 minutes on the FTSe trade i did when the Daily was closed and i couldn't get in and out. I guess this is to settle and set up the next day or something. I dont have these? How did you get? How do they work? well technically these are the easiest way to trade options right? It moves 1-for-1 with the market such as the FTSE, there is hardly any time value because of it being a daily expiry, there is less future implied volatility as well (likely), and there is no variable delta. So you can work out profit and loss very easily. Of course you must understand what you're doing first of course. but i think that goes without saying. and of course the delta of the option is always going to be variable so that can change if there is a big move against you.
  4. and this for those who need a reminder. there is a vid which is ok. nothing amazing but ok. think you'll have better on youtube for an intro. https://www.ig.com/uk/options-trading/what-are-options-how-do-you-trade-them
  5. So i was just reading the forum and saw that this post had been promoted. You can see it here. The link which it directs too talks about an oil trade. As we all know margin on oil is 10%, so for a quid a point you'd be looking at about £550 to bet on oils move. But this link under where is says 'Oil daily options trade idea' talks about using a daily option which moves one for one with the change in the oil price, and there is an example of 167 points as a premium. That means that for £167 you can trade this option price rather than the regular spot market. As the article says "If the market were to rally, a long call option premium would likely increase. In the case of delta 1 options they’d move 1 for 1 with the underlying oil price, so a 40 point move (for example) in the underlying would cause that premium to go up (to 207.1) or down (to 127.1)." I'm going to see how that works today on the FTSE. The 7210 has a premium of 190 at the moment and a spread of a point so should be exactly the same as trading the spread bet, but only needing £190 rather than £370 to open the trade.... thats right, right? cheers
  6. Had an email on the new platform today for share dealing. Looks good and same as the spread betting one so that’s a good start. Good charts and whatever. but I thought it would’ve a good idea to see if we can create a wish list for the new platform for share dealing? ill start.... Automatic dividend reinvestments! DRIP functionality is a must.
  7. and those down the pub with their mates who want to make it known they're calling their broker... #gekko
  8. they never really advertise it but think its worth noting
  9. thanks for this. 70x earnings....
  10. trade247

    US OIL

    what I meant by this was small position with an appropriate relatively close stop - no need for a guarantee stop unless going into the weekend. buy further OTM call options with a longer expiry date - maybe April which expire mid March. close any short position you have... or at least reduce the short and pull that stop right in
  11. trade247

    US OIL

    solid support - i'd be a cautious buyer.
  12. the definition of why you should let your winners run...
  13. to answer the question though, making money from trading is about the long term, and whilst implied volatility on a specific asset is low, that doesn't mean it's the case for everything. There are lots of opportunities out there. look at oil yesterday. just need to look at other volatility opportunities and run with it. Uping your trade size to capitalise on small moving markets I don't think is a great idea. when the vol comes you'll be stung.