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  1. 45 minutes ago, dmedin said:

    That's your headline fact right there.  Money buys politics in America.  Sound good to you? 

    that wasn't your original reason for outrage. You were going on about trading on 'insider information' of sorts, which I just showed you was complete nonsense.

    as a completely separate point, completely unrelated to anything you were originally talking about, yes, money in American politics is disgusting, and I think the whole system is rotten from the core out.

    That has nothing to do about a politicians financial advisor selling 0.6% of her portfolio prior to the market sell off.

    If you don't pick your battles on who and how you moan, people start to pay less attention to you. Easily refutable statements like what you originally stated actively harm the more important ones...

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  2. whilst I understand its 2020 and everyone feels a need to be constantly outraged on headline "news" pieces without really stopping for one moment to think, you should still go that extra mile and try and use your brain.


    On top of that, She sold $3m in shares. Shes worth $500m. These are probably big numbers which you're outraged at, but if you think someone who was really trying to sell on fears of an economic recession and the impact of covid19, don't you think they'd sell more than 0.6% of their net worth...?

    It's the same as you having £1000 invested in the stock market, and selling off six quid.

    EDIT: Not republican, but quite enjoy sanity and facts. #votebernie

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  3. 25 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

    Latest cases (compare to Monday's chart) big increase in Europe. 80% mild symptoms, 15% severe and 5% very severe. Death rate per age group 2nd chart, over 80's hardest hit, no fatalities in the under 10 years age group looks odd.

    very intersting and useful. thnkas 

    EDIT: but like you said - i thought there was danger for children/babies and the elderly?

  4. 4 hours ago, FionaIG said:

    L2 is available on the new platform, which can be turned on via MyIG (dashboard), Settings, and Data Feeds. 
    It shows up on the ticket like this (attached). 
    If this doesn't meet your needs, please do tell us more about what you need and why, so we can add this to our request list for improvements.  
    Thank you


    the whole data feed thing with the new platform is so poor tho and complex. We really want to just flick it on in the platform - or see delayed prices for example.

    Also ETF's aren't great. You want to search for SPY - the most liquid and heavily traded ETF in the world and you get this


    why in this order? I have to go 5th one down to find it (and even then that's only because I know the rough price of it at the moment. Anyone else would go for the top one, which is a weird Australian dollar version?

    and god know about all the rest...

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  5. 4 hours ago, HPbrand said:

    Short the Dow today but don't be too greedy.

    buy daily puts!


    1 hour ago, Bopperz said:

    Chucked in the towel around 3PM yesterday, unwound my FTSE short as the market kept pushing upwards through 7000. I check the charts this morning and everything sold at 4:30PM!

    So annoying! 🥵

    the benefits of options. takes the emotion out of it.

    nicely sets up the trade for the da.y

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  6. 17 hours ago, FionaIG said:

    This is a great idea - the new platform will have future iterations coming, so it would be interesting to hear what you need, and why?  The more context we have to understand what is needed, the more it helps us build the right thing. Please do keep the suggestions coming.  

    investment webpage is full of this stuff, https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/news/investing/2018/03/27/how-compounding-works-to-supercharge-your-investments

    but then the share dealing platform doesn't allow automatic dividend reinvestment.

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