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  1. I don't know about other people but it's certainly seems like my radar is getting hit up with companies left right and centre moving away with the whole brexit chat. Do you think this is just media attention or actually legit?
  2. on the wires this morning givin a good ol bump to FS&T by upwards of 20% and kicking it into extended auction. "Shares of Fuller, Smith & Turner jumped 21 percent after the British pub operator and brewer agreed to sell its beer business to Japan's Asahi for an enterprise value of 250 million pounds ($327 million). The sale price represents a multiple of 23.6 times core earnings of 10.6 million pounds for the year ended March. Fuller said it would return between 55 million pounds and 69 million pounds of the proceeds to its investors." May be one worth looking at. Technical a
  3. this is the davos chat for those interested
  4. yeh lets take Lloyds as @JamesIG said - if you're quoted at 57p then you're £2000 trade (which is 200,000p) is simply 200,000 / 57 = 3508 rounded down. You should be able to purchase 3508 shares which has a consideration of around £2000 and will cost £8 commission
  5. you're going to have to rephrase that one I'm afraid....
  6. the Elements Rogers Commodity index isn't UCITS eligible from a quick googley. So no ISA I'm afraid. Same goes for Ishares Silver trust. Go to their ETF screener page and just make sure you have the ISA category selected. You should however be able to trade these in the CFD / spread accounts. They're coming up for me anyway.
  7. great idea. added to the watchlist and will be monitoring this one looking forwards. thanks both - will 'follow' this thread as well.
  8. is this what you want? Don't think they have anything which specifically shows individual shares though. Only the index.
  9. as with all things hey what indices are you watching at the moment?
  10. Which is why that COT data you talk about a few times is so important. Really think there should be more talk about it and for traders to properly understand what is going on / whats shifting at the institutional level. Great article and food for thought.
  11. quite a prominent request on Community. I'm keen. out of interest though, @Tripeiro who are you with? Don't most not even charge for this service or am I off the mark?
  12. You're not wrong on that one! It amazes me that even in these perilous times for our country those on either side of the bench are still the ones squabbling amongst themselves and setting up plays for future power. Same as post-ref ... leading leavers dropping like flys so they can let someone take the un-imaginable task of leading the UK thru brexit. short term vol played out pretty quick. risk off over the next few days. Like you said - at this point the sensible thing to do is nothing .
  13. maybe there is only limit good till date on an open market?
  14. 25% move down. Not a vol auction on the open?
  15. FAR ltd is aussie stock right? Maybe can't as market is closed on share dealing accounts ?
  16. So this is the run down, courtesy of Reuters. May's Brexit deal defeated by 230 votes May's government faces no confidence vote Results due at 1900 GMT Wednesday Labour calls for a compromise on Brexit (Labour's finance minister-in-waiting, John McDonnell, said May could eventually get a deal through parliament if she negotiated a compromise with his party.) EU divorce in disarray just 10 weeks before leave date Bank of England's Carney to speak on Wednesday to lawmakers question - why the hell are the Labs making this all about internal domestic
  17. oh also - is the fact the US gov has shut down giving more focus on European matters? All the US based trading articles are pretty dull at the moment.
  18. we haven't seen nearly as much volatility as I would have thought (apart from a relatively small devaluation and return to norm for GBP). What are some likely volatile periods on the near horizon?
  19. lol - nope. what do you mean access to the site froze? you couldn't login? charts had issues? did you try on your mobile or anything like that?
  20. think of trading like a race. Most people can drive, but those who are winners are the ones who put time and effort into practicing their starts, practicing the course, learning about the other drivers strategy, reading up about their car, talking to the mechanics, putting in the time and effort to lap their practice track day in day out. the winners also are never going to be the ones who get in an F1 car for the first time after passing their Driving Theory test ... scale up power (leverage) and your opponents (assets)
  21. on share dealing you can set orders with a 'good till' date, as you can with spread betting and cfd accouts
  22. big day today fellas. Those options vol strategies are going to be expensive.
  23. didn't think this required its own thread, but thought it was interesting. Saw it on reddit today. "In the 1640's the Dutch inhabitants of New Amsterdam built a 12' wall to keep the bad hombres out. In 1664 the British ignored the wall and took New Amsterdam by sea. It's now called New York. They took down the wall and built a street. It's called Wall Street" also, If you visit the street there is still a piece of the original wall in the ground. and then some non-finance related dutch/NYC facts : Coney Island = Conyne Eyland, meaning rabbit island (Konijn Eiland in modern
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