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  1. yeh like you said. https://www.ig.com/au/about-us shows ASIC (not the sports shoe company) Maybe @JamesIG can confirm.
  2. well yes ... on their website there is a massive referral link so they're making bank for everyone who signs up there. FCA isn't in Aus so obviously Aus IG can't protect money with FCA.... They are regulated tho by their relevant party.
  3. CMC results out yesterday - looking alright as all statements generally are, however market down initially but climbing back.. Notice they have also opened crypto to retail now as well. https://www.cmcmarkets.com/group/results/annual-reports PDF here https://www.cmcmarkets.com/group/assets/pdf/CMC_AnnualReport_2018.pdf
  4. The biggest ever one day wipe out of market cap on a single equity I believe? Suk himself lost $16 - $17 billion. Company itself was down about 120bn by the EoD. So many analysts going into the new were long so this was a massively over inflated stock no wonder the pull back. all these tech stocks are well over values in my opinion.
  5. what am I missing ... spread on their example on their homepage is 0.6 and the price is backwadated?
  6. looking at the below we can see that bitcoin and ether - the two largest market cap cryptos - are behaving V differently. The ETHBTC pair as well is really shedding at the moment and has lost nearly 30% ish in the last month hich is massive. seems the money is going to pour into bitcoin with the etf news but will the flow move back into wider market as we used to see almost cyclically before hand? All charts are on an hour and then scrolled back as much as possible to try and make them similar. and here you can see the pair. If we had the ratio of 0.085 which we had only
  7. I always wonder on this 'partnership' articles how much importance they actually have when it comes to the names. Obviously the ethereum foundation really benefited from those names in the EEA which caused a significant spike, but now I feel the media just jump on it without going into the details. what does IBM actually plan to do? what is their investment? either monetary or dedicated resources? any roadmap on this one? would be interested to hear peoples ideas. Phil
  8. This is a great article and guide but I am interested why given all the independent searching and research you have done that you are only going off one source for the expected dividend return? Is it because this is easy to calculate as most are published in advance and you can look at the variance over the last x numbers of years and take a pretty educated guess? NB: I haven't read the full schroders yet but will print off at work and read on the train.
  9. From a longer terms perspective we're trading well above the 20 candle moving average on the weekly. This goes back to 2014 but I like to look at longer view points on this sort of stock. My Issues with this now is how many people are going to be profit taking after the world cup and everything happening there now its finished, along with the big run I can image we'll get a few shifts to 'neutral' in the analyst space.
  10. Didn’t know where else to post this
  11. really surprised that Stellar is more than EOS because of it's market cap. What am I missing and why can someone above let me know or give an opinion. cheers phil
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