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  1. Good question. I personally am a fan of the second option. Multiples with different close levels. Also you can set one order to open, and then a few at different levels to close and net off. May be better then opening 4 separate trades. Down to you.
  2. I agree @mercury - I think I can relate to his frustration with the central banks, but more from their buckling to political pressure to get the economy fast balled to recovery via QE which has caused some serious issues. I was watching something the other day which said something along the lines of "the only thing QE has done is move systemic risk from the free market to the central banks". A terrifying thought.
  3. Question, is that specifically referring to the turning point, or the 'technical' recession value after the technical 20% drop? Arguably the only 'data' there is on the success of trading strategies is to buy a low cost diversified index tracker and compound your divs. Trading is about the intellectual stimulus about beating the market.
  4. Certainly looks like it could be coming down to 55 flat. If that does happen then we could be in seriously bearish territory and Dr Copper should start getting some serious attention.
  5. You're just a bad trader holding on to your loses. lol. https://www.raconteur.net/sponsored/emotions-get-the-better-of-traders
  6. Less than 50m AUD market cap - that will probably be why. It's too small for leverage.
  7. Just thought this was funny is all. What a loon.
  8. the argument seems to be a resounding yes from VC - https://www.visualcapitalist.com/what-is-a-commodity-super-cycle/
  9. Thank you TrendFollower, very cool!
  10. one for the diary "Your early investors have backed you, and they deserve a reward for their perseverance. Under the terms of the offering, they, and you, can sell your holdings 180 days after the listing, on October 29."
  11. The end is nigh https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2019/07/29/1564396433000/Craig-Wright-to-become-the-world-s-top-philanthropist--Allegedly--/
  12. where do you get the data @JamesIG
  13. isn't this something to do with the exchange? TBF IG need to sort this out and even if the exchange dont offer stops etc / stop orders to be submitted OOO, they need to take them on their systems and then submit them as soon as market opens.
  14. Received this last night from Blonde Money which I would recommend people check out. The composition of the new Cabinet in terms of their Brexit ideology is much closer to Theresa May’s final Cabinet than shrieking headlines suggest. If we take our Brexit ratings, which run from -15 for the most pro-Remain MP to +15 for the most pro-Leave, the composition of both is relatively similar. Mean: 2.6 for Boris, 2.0 for Theresa Median: 2.0 for Boris, 1.0 for Theresa Standard deviation: 5.2 for Boris, 5.4 for Theresa It looks violent because it’s being d
  15. yes agree. Think it would be worth looking at slowing things down and you may see better results.
  16. whats the average time you hold a trade for?
  17. can't in platform, but search 'IG Stock Screener' in Google and you'll get something.
  18. agree nothing special for me in Logarithmic on the Y axis, its useful long term but not a trade indicator
  19. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-15/its-time-say-goodbye-rally-everything
  20. "...an inverting yield curve and weak June manufacturing data across the globe have divided analysts on whether or not a pullback is due. DWS forecasts a “moderate cooling of economic activity”, but JPMorgan sees an 8% upside to the S&P 500 if a trade deal is agreed with China." knowing trump all this rhetoric is just hot air.
  21. not Dow specifically but enough correlation ...
  22. trade247


    Great first post and welcome to the forum @kobusk
  23. Are you referring to the auction period pre market, or does ASX have a pre market same as American shares?
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