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  1. Good review. Interestingly their individual ratings don't have an immediately obvious reflection on the overall score? Always think thats weird. (4.5+5+4.2+5+5+5+4.1+3.8+5)/9 = 4.62
  2. Nike’s earnings missed expectations for the first time since 2012. The sneaker giant’s earnings fell short of Wall Street estimates, coming in at $0.62 for the quarter and $2.49 for the year, compared to the $0.66 and $2.55 expected, respectively. Analysts remain bullish on the stock, though, with Morgan Stanley’s Lauren Cassel saying ‘NKE remains our top pick’. Uber hits an all-time high. On Friday, the ride-hailing platform’s shares closed at $46.38, up 7% from Thursday’s open. The rally, which marks the first time Uber’s share price has closed above its IPO price of $45, followed new
  3. Interesting detailed reply @Mercury - thanks. absolutely agree. Thats a wishful ideology, however i do think there is serious opportunity to make do with a **** ton of inefficient systems, companies and processes. 'Middle men' if you will. The big four need to be very worried in my opinion, along with all these ridiculous institutions which charge an arm and a leg for verification of facts. (accounting firms, banks, mortgage providers, home ownership stuff, deeds). Also true to some extent long term, however where are we at the moment? wouldn't you say that my initial points
  4. Get this via email from another broker but thought it was a good copy/paste. Thought it was worth a share and could give a few trade ideas. Also should we get a 'quick trade ideas' section running again? Or maybe @JamesIG can sort a competition or something based on new trade ideas? Optimism is fading as the US’s power struggle with China and Iran continues. By Wednesday morning, markets across the globe were feeling deflated as investors signalled a lack of appetite for the current level of political risk. In the US, the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed on Tuesday down 0.6%, 1.1
  5. Yes! Also, what are you doing regarding new cryptos and new pairs? How are IG going to stand out from the rest?
  6. are those about 11.2? to 15K? 11.2 also supported by Jan '18 levels.
  7. Interesting point of view @Mercury - however I think the analogy is slightly tenuous. Arguably bitcoin and other blockchains such as ethereum et al, is the same as investing in the TCP/IP of the internet boom. This isn't like investing in pets.com - this is like investing in the underlying framework and protocol of the internet itself. Ordinary people aren't using crypto - also true, however you can't deny that adoption and integration isn't growing exponentially. Hardly anyone was using computers or the internet when you had to type command lines rather than use a GUI. Adoption takes tim
  8. you're right - correlation of two unrelated things is entirely accurate way to judge value.
  9. Thought I'd do a little copy past from one of my earlier posts given we're hitting some recent highs and seeing a significant rally in 2019. As I said this draws on a previous post I made on the bitcoin 500MA post here. What moves the price of Bitcoin? It is a truly truly truly inelastic asset. When gold goes up, people start producing more. When oil tanks, people don't pump as much. Even housing and infrastructure will be able to scale up or down depending on demand. Crypto however has a fixed amount being created which is mathematically restrained and can't be altered. When deman
  10. The next correction is going to be catastrophic - and based entirely on what these central bankers have already done to our market. Quick wins pushed by politicians from the '07/8 crash which have resulted in a **** ton of illiquid sovereign bonds (think Woodford on a global scale) and all the monetary policies being used to prop up an economy. we gonna get **** up
  11. interesting view on this. I've always thought that cryptos are completely unrelated to other asset types which is why they're so difficult to price. Everything else has the inter-connectivity between themselves (Fed IR effect USD 'value', which knocks on to USD denominated assets, which leads into equities, re-positioning etc) but always thought crypto is a world unto its own. Linked to cost of production - electricity, CPU costs etc.
  12. Looking at the ratio things need to change for the ETHBTC ratio to hold at 260 SATs. ETH is currently well under performing. At the 400 level you see at the peak, assuming BTC current price, ETH would be looking at 500.
  13. are they not already tho?
  14. Which means if you bought at any time other than those 87 days in the 10 year history, you'd be making money. BTC $50k within 18 months. Whoop whoop. Set your alerts.
  15. change SDev you can click the numbers in bottom left of chart to do this.
  16. i don't get it. How is there any basis in that price action?
  17. really flirting heavily with that 8k mark but last 5 sessions isn't holding. turning point, or a little consolidation before the next leg up?
  18. Looking like a good technical change happening right now with ETH blasting through it's 200 day EMA and no sitting happily above all averages with some good volume going through. Still lagging on the differential though so after this recent BTC rally we may see some good flows back into the runners up. I'd be a buyer of ETH at this time. Volumes in April back to those highs which we haven't really seen since the beginning of the year.
  19. Bitcoin up nearly 150% in 150 days .... what a time to be alive.
  20. looking forward to what crypto brings over the next 18 months. potential for some parabolic moves.
  21. An interesting read and an even more interesting website. No advertising as far as I can see (don't think I have an ad blocker) and well written articles from a number of authors with citations.... almost unheard of!
  22. interesting historical references and nice post. Value that a lot - and I'm not just saying that because I agree with what you're saying! Welcome to the forum. Hopefully we'll see some more of this going forwards.
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