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  1. For those (like me) who don't know the ins and outs these links may be useful place to start http://materials-risk.com/platinum-prices-the-top-10-most-important-drivers/ https://www.sbcgold.com/investing-101/key-factors-influence-platinum-prices/
  2. Some other interesting charts and a link which really sums it all up.... The question is: will this actually happen? Whats the risk reward ratio of it happening? Place your bets all... Bitcoin halving
  3. Back after a long break - howd'y folks! Yes! I totally agree with this on casey and good post. I like this part a lot "Testing also tells you what doesn't work--and that can lead to a deeper understanding of hidden edges. Sadly, there are many traders who insist that they will succeed in their trading through sheer passion and willpower." Randomness is such a weird thing for humans, when what you REALLY need to succeed is consistency. It's tough because we're not robots but it's needed. Think about saving. You're not going to get anywhere long term by saving £10. £20, £50 a day
  4. Like that new chart view withthe smaller one in bottomright. Good insight. Trump at it again 😂
  5. Some interesting (humorous) replies below the tweet... and this. People quick to point the finger at BBC coverage for this swing.
  6. just to clarify, its the opposite way to the trade you have on. For example if you are buying, then you are going to 'sell to close' so you want to take the sell (bid or offer price). Opposite is true if you're trading the other way.
  7. As markets get quieter over periods such as Easter, the liquidity dries up (buy and sell orders at different price points). This can cause opportunity for significant volatility so keep an eye our and be mindful. Can also mean that many 'models' don't work so well so indicators etc should be taken with a grain of salt. Still opportunity to trade out there ... just not as normal conditions.
  8. Oil hits 2019 high above $72 on China growth, lower U.S. inventories OPEC supply cuts, U.S. sanctions support oil prices China's March refinery throughput up 3.2% year/year China's Q1 GDP rises 6.4 percent year/year U.S. crude stocks drop by 3.1 mln barrels last week - API
  9. what specifically happened in August 2018 to make it a "smart" move to short then? Just going through that article @wjw22 and this bit stood out "The project has been running since 2010 but remains in its development phase and is yet to generate a single pound of revenue" That's absolutely mental. You always hear about a lack of profitability, but a 9 year old company which hasn't even seen a lick of REVENUE. That seems crazy to me. However with that said they're looking at a lifetime mining value of 100 years. Could be a good keeper if things pan out the right way. This also ce
  10. Interesting. So the Penny stocks / AIM markets which they say to have a look at are Burford Capital: world's largest provider of arbitration and litigation finance Fevertree Drinks: the upmarket mixer maker Hutchinson China MediTech: the biopharma and pharma stock ASOS: fast fashion for millennials Abcam: a profitable biopharma business Interestingly ASOS are down over 50% over the last 12 months and they've made the list. I know there are also one of AIMs largest success stories up quadruple digit % since their initial float. Remember when they were called As
  11. This should be the important parts of the sheet.
  12. there are some interesting small market cap stocks out there though which trade for pennies and have more than 10 mil mcap. I guess reason for this is holding a significant percentage of the company in a spread betting account and liquidity and everything. Imagine at 5% margin deposit you'd only need £150,000 to own 5% of the company at £3m which wouldn't take long to accumulate on the platform.
  13. I assume you mean transferring funds from another ISA into your IG ISA to cover margin in your spread betting account? If that is the context of your question, then no. If you are looking to add money to your spread betting account, then I'm fairly sure it needs to come from a card or bank or paypal into spread betting account. You can't just transfer cash from an ISA share dealing account into your spread betting. Better to just pay in using card or bank transfer.
  14. oooo nice work around. Didn't think of that 'hack'.
  15. As in two bols? One say a SD of 2 away and the other of say 3? Don't think you can. Maybe PRT or MT4? @Caseynotes is good with those platforms.
  16. Depends on how 'penny' stock you mean. You can spread bet and CFD trade on small market cap stocks, which in theory have stock in the value of pennies. You need to be mindful of the market cap though. That's the main thing. IG requires Mcap of I think about £10million.
  17. So Naspers owns a hella lot of Tencent doesn't it - so best to keep an eye on that. BHP you can also get an insight pre open (altho I know on IG its 24 hours). Drill and mining is a big one too. Commodity prices would be the news to keep an eye on. Wonder if there are any technical setups.
  18. thanks for the Real Vision video. its almost annoying these sort of clips - you can't have it on in the back ground whilst you're working or doing other stuff. You really need to concentrate to get the value out of it. Will have to set some time aside!
  19. What are your thoughts @Wapper ? I don't really know the market, but I assume it's highly leveraged towards mining sector, iron etc.
  20. True. Its a tough one. In my mind there have actually been a few 'triggers' which haven't come through in the market. Lots of opportunity to kick off the short but the market bulldozers on. We're at a pretty low vol period at the moment. That's probably an indicator on the contrarian viewpoint that things are about to get interesting. What event that will be (up / down / vol around a consolidation) who knows.
  21. the winner seems to be up - but only by 25 pips to sit at the 13100 point at the time of writing. On the 1 min chart resistance at the 13105 level.
  22. Seeing as options have been mentioned a few times, I thought it would be worth pointing out that you can trade Stock Options with IG, but you do need to call them though. It's not ideal, but you can see the open position on your computer. You have to call to close as well. Other options like FX etc can be done on the platform. Would hope to see stock options on the platform at some point. Would be interesting.
  23. theres the pull back on the 1 hour (to marry the chart above on the right).
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